1. Carpinus


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    The Four Brothers Hornbeam
  3. dirk hoorelbeke

    Carpinus betulus, Hornbeam nebari

    Developped from 1 year old plant. Planted in the ground and groundlayer one year later. This is the second repot after that. It's basically a stick in a pot with a rootbase. I planned to groundgrow this one but I was afraid to lose the rootbase so I put it back in the box. If I want a tapering...
  4. Aiki_Joker

    Beech (Sylvatica) & Hornbeam (Betulus) Thread Grafting

    Background A month or so ago I began exploring the potential for thread grafting these two 'similar' spp. Scroll down to see the graft and spare the interpretation/justification of this futility! :p:D:p I soon found out that these visually similar spp. are in fact completely different. Genus...
  5. Carpinus in training

    Carpinus in training

    Trees in progress, First steps
  6. R

    Large European Hornbeam yamadori no.1 - advice is welcome

    This is the first tree from this thread: https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/2-european-hornbeams-almost-flawless-yamadori-material.27054/ The tree grew pretty intensely throughout the season - many new branches, roots are sticking from the bottom of the container. Still I plan to keep it in this...
  7. Ryan H

    Looking for Korean Hornbeams

    Hi all, I have a few Korean Hornbeams and am looking for more that have decent starts. Price range is ideally on the lower end ~$100. If anybody is looking to get rid of one or a few let me know :D
  8. R

    2 European Hornbeams - almost flawless yamadori material

    I have collected these 2 european hornbeams (Carpinus Betulus I believe) few weeks ago. They are both large trees - the larger one almost 1m, the smaller one about 75cm. As you can see they have almost everything one can hope to get: perfect nebari, taper, trunk movement, ... The funny thing was...
  9. jordystokes

    Be gentle...

    Went on a collection trip with fellow members of the Nashville Bonsai Society. It was my 1st time. Had a blast! This was my first collected tree. Amercain hornbeam, I think. Dig it out. Wash the dirt off. Cut some roots. Potted up in bonsai substrate. Water and shade. (Outside) Advice...
  10. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  11. J

    Advice with Carolina Hornbeam during winter - is it dying or dead?

    Hi everyone, I have a Carolina Hornbeam (I think it might be a variation of the American Hornbeam) and during the hot DC Summer I underwatered accidentally for a couple of days and all the leaves dried up and fell. I cut them all off (around August) and then the tree began to slowly recover...
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