1. Backwardsvg

    Horticulture books

    Looking for some good books on Mugo pine, hackberry, Amur maple etc. I know these are specific but if I could find any specifics for these it would be great. If not I am interested in learning how and why things happen with trees. I have learned a lot through practice with trees but I would be...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 2 The Circular Raft… or is it The Clump?

    This is the second high alpine yamadori Mt Hemlock we acquired today. It‘s ”subtrunks” seem to emanate from one central trunk. Will need some excavation to confirm this WAG. The tallest tree is about 35” and the entire group comes up at an angle. Looks like it was growing on a mountain side...
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