identify bonsai tree

  1. D

    New to bonsai and need help

    I recently bought a tree labeled as a bonsai but I cannot identify it if it truly is one as this tree is bizarre to me Any help would be appreciated
  2. L


    Hi, I'm new to bonsai trees and have no experience with them whatsoever. My father just brought me home this bonsai and I'm trying to look up some information on care etc. However I have no idea what kind of tree it is, there was no tag or anything with it just the price and 'small bonsai'...
  3. L

    Help me identify this tree please

    Hello everyone, I was gifted a cutting a few months ago and now that she's sprouting beautifully, I need to know her name :) All I know is this is a Japanese flower tree. So I have a photo of mine and the original one here, if you please could help me. Thank you
  4. A

    Please help identify my bonsai tree

    Hello, I bought my first bonsai tree about 2 months ago at a fair. The only instructions I received were to water it twice a week and not expose it to extreme sunlight. But after two months its pine needles are turning yellow and I don’t see much growth. I’ve been searching online to see what...
  5. Danielm

    Help with identifying

    Hi all I was given this little beauty but can’t find any reference to it’s strange leaf? Any ideas on how to make it ‘full’ would be great too Sorry about the use of the bag tie ?
  6. A

    Pls. help identify my bonsai

    Hi! Kindly help identify the bonsai below. This was just a gift and i want to know how to take care of it. Thank you.
  7. Ingvill

    Newbie to forum & Bonsai: To be or not to be a Zelkova?

    Hey guys! I'm new to posting on the forum and new to bonsai. I have enjoyed reading (and laughing) on this forum for a lil while now. I love the way this forum keeps a sense of humour and that the tone is always friendly, even to us "annoying lil rookies" lol. I've always thought bonsai trees...
  8. Culper Woodhull

    Can you I.D. this bonsai

    Does anyone know kind of bonsai tree this is? I've bought this from a foreign man selling them out of a parking lot, so the language barrier prevented me from getting answers to my questions. I've always wanted a bonsai tree and after seeing this one I had to have it. It is the next day now and...
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