incense cedar

  1. parhamr

    Incense cedar progression

    This will be another stick-in-a-pot grows up sort of thread. I'm currently aiming for some manner of freestyle design, as if this had collapsed multiple times in a sinewy fashion. I plucked Calocedrus decurrens seedlings from a flower bed underneath a large mother tree in 2014. Here they are in...
  2. parhamr

    Incense cedar candelabra progression

    Calocedrus decurrens is not a common bonsai subject but I'm giving it a go with two volunteer seedlings. It's a native tree, here, so that's part of my enthusiasm for the species. With this particular tree I am attempting to replicate the candelabra form I have seen in photos and out in some of...
  3. parhamr

    Calocedrus decurrens (incense cedar)

    April 2014 I collected this seedling from under a mature specimen. I am developing it into a formal upright. May 2015 update June 2015 I repotted with white pumice, red lava rock, and diatomaceous earth as the new media. The tree received ecto mycorrhizal inoculants, humic acid, and azomite...
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