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  1. parhamr

    Feedback welcomed: “Should My Bonsai Tree Go Outdoors?” (flowchart)

    Please don’t turn this into an argument :cool: I welcome constructive on this flowchart I just whipped up — << full PDF here! Remixes and spoofs are very welcome—how would you neutrally and gently guide somebody to...
  2. parhamr

    Can My Bonsai Tree Go Indoors? 2019-06-24

    This is an often asked question! I hope this flowchart will help you decide. Constructive feedback is welcomed—I’m not looking to start arguments. My goal is to make this as generally accurate and as broadly applicable to anybody facing this question. Please feel free to distribute and/or...
  3. Dane Kofoed

    Lavender Star dropped leaves

    This starter Lavender Star tree was purchased from a bonsai nursery in late October in Toronto Canada. Brought it home, watered moderately (weekly or slightly more), misted a little in between, placed near a window with NO direct sunlight. The leaves slowly dried up entirely. It has been placed...
  4. F

    Indoor jade bonsai - Fertilizer question

    First post here... after almost a year of wondering why my jade tree (kept indoors) lost a bunch of foliage about a month after purchasing and why I haven't been able to get it full again. I recently purchased a bottle of Dyna-Gro Bonsai-Pro 7-9-5 liquid plant food, hoping that this will do the...
  5. Culper Woodhull

    Grow lamp for Fukien Tea/Carmona Bonsai?

    I purchased a 12 year old Fukien tea bonsai a few days ago. I was doing so well with my Jade "afra" that I thought I'd take on another bonsai. I did not do my research before going to a local bonsai distributor, just sort of made an impulsive decision to swing by and check out their stock. I...
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