1. berzerkules

    Wasting time on a choke cherry

    Most likely wasting my time here on a highly invasive species that doesn't make good bonsai but I need some trees I don't care about to hack away at to pass the time. This thing was a mess when I found it. A birch had fallen on it and it was engulfed in vetch just the tips of the branches were...
  2. sixemkay

    Southern Catalpa Experiment

    Catalpa trees sprout up everywhere in my neighborhood, to the point that I consider them invasive. They have an interesting trunk texture, nice wide canopy, and seem indestructible... so I thought "why not dig one up and see what it can do?" To start with, I dug it up after it had leafed out...
  3. JimmyBeefshank

    Shakin' the bush Boss! Just shakin' the Bush!

    I've learned a few neat tricks over the years. A few real gems too, but I think you folks might appreciate a thread dedicated to one of my favorites. Somehow I successfully managed to convince a bunch of people that they should pay me handsomely to expand and maintain their gardenscapes. A sweet...
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