1. eryk2kartman

    Irish Tread

    Hi All, Im starting the tread for all local Bonsai growers in Ireland. There is very little of Bonsai people in Ireland, lets share our local knowledge, tips and tricks. I know there is Leinster Bonsai and Muster Bonsai clubs but they kinda far away from me. So all Irish Bonsai people please...
  2. Aiki_Joker

    Beech (Sylvatica) & Hornbeam (Betulus) Thread Grafting

    Background A month or so ago I began exploring the potential for thread grafting these two 'similar' spp. Scroll down to see the graft and spare the interpretation/justification of this futility! :p:D:p I soon found out that these visually similar spp. are in fact completely different. Genus...
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