itoiagawa junipers

  1. electraus

    How much foliage can you safely remove from junipers for an initial styling?

    Hello, I’m wondering how much foliage can be removed from rough stock junipers on an initial styling? I understand the percentage changes between species and even sub-species, so I’m most interested in Kishu and Itoigawa. Maybe procumbens as well for practice. My understanding is that itoigawa...
  2. Clicio

    Itoigawa help needed.

    I want to ask for help. I have a juniper tree that has been behaving the same way for 2 years: it sprouts normally, starts to elongate and dries from the inside out. Other than that, the tree is healthy. In the pictures you can see two types of sprouting, scales and spiky (a sign of stress), but...
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