1. Brian Van Fleet

    Kiyozuru Itoigawa from Chikugo-en

    In the summer of 2019, our family vacation was to the LA area, and I managed to work in a visit to Chikugo-en nursery, owned by Gary Ishii. The elusive ‘Kiyozuru’ variant of the Itoigawa was brought to the USA by Gary’s father, Mas Ishii. Gary really didn’t have any other information about...
  2. W

    Itoigawa Juniper Styling

    Hey All, Need some help styling my juniper Bonsai. I’ve had it for a couple of years now but have no clue where to even begin in terms of styling. Any suggestions and tips would be great. thanks in advance
  3. S

    Help with my Juniper!

    Hello! I got this itoigawa juniper because I really liked the trunk and thought it had enough back budding and smaller, twiggy growth towards to middle to make a more compact tree. It’s early spring and my thought was to chop the larger, straight branches and focus on developing the inner...
  4. A

    Leggy old Itoigawa

    Bought this yesterday for a good price (<£100) at the Bonsai Boot sale (for our non-UK readers, a carboot sale is normally junk sold out of the back of a trunk, equivalent to a garage sale). It's gotten away from the previous owner but there is some great foliage tight to the trunk up at the...
  5. K

    Styling advice for an Itoigawa

    I bought an Itoigawa last year at a show (Doncaster Shohin Exhibition) and admittedly, I don't show as much love to it as I do with many of my other plants. Conifers have never been massively interesting to me, but nevertheless I wanted to give them a try. I was wondering if anyone could...
  6. omarjara37

    for sale itoigawa juniper

    selling this one for 250 put in a cedar grow box 8 months ago for future development pick up in corona ca
  7. Bonsai Buddy

    Itoigowa Shimpaku Juniper foliage color change concern.

    Hi all. Something strange is happening to my Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper... The color of the foliage turned from a nice green to this lighter kind of olive green as you can see in the photos. This color change happened in less than 2 days and it has been this way for about a week. I don't really...
  8. HandyGringo

    Newbie looking for guidance for this Itoigawa Juniper

    Hello, been lurking the forums for a while and read some good threads but never posted anything. I've seen others receive good ideas and inspiration for their bonsai so I thought I'd post it here and hope there are some obvious things I can change or look into to improve the shape of my tree...
  9. Ming dynasty

    Where to buy?

    Hi everyone, the book I’m reading provided some nursery which I can buy seedlings/liners from. But it requires that I buy a wholesale amount or require some sort of licensing. Question where do y’all source for tree/seedlings, substrates and supply. Any recommendations are welcome have a good...
  10. trigo

    Help identifying / yellow juniper?

    Hi guys, im a beginner and have been lurking around here for one year already, now i decided to make a thread to try and get some help. I have recently bought a juniper that i don't know wich variety it is and i would like some help from more experienced eyes. I also have 2 other junipers...
  11. B

    3 year Itoigawa progression

    Three year progression on this Itoigawa Juniper whip originally sourced from Shoka Bonsai in the UK. Picture below from 2019 Picture below from yesterday. My wiring could still use a little refinement but overall I’m pretty happy with the progression & how much I’ve learnt in the process...
  12. dlquick

    Shimpaku Juniper Beginner Bonsai

    I've always been intrigued by the elegance and art of bonsai since I was a teen, and now that I'm in my 30's I realize that I've wasted the last decade not doing any research or even purchasing my first.. until now. I'm the typical excited, over-anxious, impatient, and nervous first time buyer...
  13. B

    Itoigawa Shimpaku Yellowing & Browning Help?

    Over the last couple of weeks my beautiful tree has been turning yellow and browning at the tips. I've been in constant care for this tree since I got it and now I'm not sure what is happening. Is anyone familiar with this coloring and cause?
  14. F

    How to style?

    Any idea on how I should style this Shimpaku?
  15. Grovic

    Itoigawa juniper repot?

    Hey guys, I just got this Itoigawa juniper prebonsai from I plan to let it grow for a few years, but the nursery pot has to go, I live in an apartment so growing in the ground is not an option, so I have a some questions: A) Should I do root work and repot into a new...
  16. Shoshin

    Itoigawa air-layer?

    It may be hard to see in the photo but the bottom section of this juniper has considerable inverse taper and would appreciate any thoughts around possible air-layering. I recently saw a YouTube video where someone repotted the whole lower part, air layer and root base in a larger pot which...
  17. Clicio

    Itoigawa behaving like a teenager.

    One of my junipers, an Itoigawa, wasn't reppoted, hard pruned, trimmed or trashed around for one and a half years. The only work done to the tree was wiring it by the end of the winter. It is healthy and growing fast, but... As you can see, there is a mix of scale and juvenile shoots, and I see...
  18. W

    What type of juniper is this

    Hi guys, I bought 2 junipers from a local nursery a few years apart. Both were sold as Itoigawas, however the new one looks very different to the one I got a couple years back. any help identifying them would be great. thanks
  19. Y

    Juniperus chinensis 'Itoigawa' sick

    Dear Everyone, I would need help to identify what's killing my tree. I purchased this tree roughly a year ago and left it untouched for the most part of that time to first observe it during a whole growing season. The tree was doing GREAT and had vibrant color. When the tree start growing again...
  20. DamianTrimboli

    Itoigawa Juniper - bad, really bad

    My itoigawa juniper is suffering, dying - probably already dead - but I have to try. Do you know what could be happening with it? and what do you recommend to do? I think is an intoxication by excess of Phyton-27. 2 months ago: Now:
  21. E

    Black ends on junipers

    Hi guys I recently noticed my itogiwa juniper had this at the end of the top parts of the tree and was wondering if I should be worried or not
  22. E

    Itoigawa eu?

    Does anyone know reasonably priced Itoigawa juniper source in the eu, I live in Ireland and haven't been able to find any places that will sell cuttings or anything to do with them. Any leads or replies will be greatly appreciated thank you.
  23. Fishtank307


    I wanted to start a progression thread on this shimpaku I bought a couple of weeks ago (and show it off!) I was actually looking for a nice pot for another tree, when I found this twisty shimpaku. It was the dead stump that really caught my eye. Side A Side B Side C Side D From above...
  24. Gsquared

    Itoigawa Shimpaku from cuttings?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I have a couple of wonderful itoigawa shimpaku that I bought as raw material from Boon way back when. They are now healthily residing in the PNW. Going to do some maintanence pruning this spring and was wondering about rooting the clippings. I've always heard that...
  25. Aukai

    Any help would be kewl

    On these Junis, i have noticed that the growing tips seems to be the color the whole trees foliage is supposed to look like, which last season i had the color. Kinda nervous, any help would be awsome...ty 1st my Kishu...have had it almost a year Next a cutting i have had for a...
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