jacqueline hillier

  1. S

    Young Jacqueline Hillier (Elm) Already Struggling

    Hello all! I'm a noob in the Twin Cities (Zone 4b). Just purchased my first two young trees for bonsai a month ago (Ficus and miniature Elm). But both seem to already be struggling even though I haven't done anything to them yet (other than possibly overwatering/underwatering or giving them too...
  2. BeebsBonsai

    Jacqueline Hillier Elm Dark Leaves falling off

    Hello all, I noticed something was wrong with my Jacqueline Hillier Elm this morning when watering. Some of it's leaves are extremely dark green and brittle. I would say about 30 percent of older leaves towards the interior seem to have this issue. I touched a few of them and they...
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