jade bonsai

  1. J


    I recently moved into a new home and the last owners left this tiny jade behind, im not a plant person whatsoever and i know nothing about bonsai's, but i really dont want it to die. I have some questions and i would love some answers -when should i water it? -how much water should i give it...
  2. K

    Portulacaria Afra choices.

    Hello guys! First Post ever here, so be gently (or not) i can stand it :p. I got a purchase of a Portulacaria Afra (not my first) but this one is a lot bigger and more a challenge then my little one before. Saw this one and it was that cheap, I thought this could be a good bonsai candidate...
  3. Séan Warnick

    Look at my Spekboom.(Portulacaria Afra)

    My transplanted spekboom is final starting to recover. Started from a cutting about 15 years ago when I was still a laaitie. It's been field grown for about 7 years and was transplanted 2 months ago. 70cm tall with a trunk diameter of 42cm at the base. Absolutely beautiful taper. I have...
  4. N

    Help! Whats eating me!?

    Can anyone help identify what this is and how to treat?
  5. M

    Help 911 Jade Bonsai

    I had fruit flies everywhere in my house from this plant, I called the store where I bought it and they said to use insecticide and follow directions I did and now all my leave are falling will this recover?
  6. Hallen1997

    Top of jade - pruning advice.

    looking for advice on what to do with the top. maybe cut and let grow thinner for taper or just let branch out? Yes I’m aware of the poor wiring situation. I’ll fix it later. Thanks for any help!
  7. Oceanman113

    Corked Jade shriveled

    This is my first winter with this Corked Jade. It did great in the warmer months and when it was time to bring it inside (zone 7) it lost a few leaves but eventually recovered fine. Right now I have it in a warm room that is averaging at 78 degrees. Recently I’ve noticed some of the smaller...
  8. S

    Elephant Bush - Next steps?

    Hi all, I bought this tree a few weeks ago because I liked the shape of the trunk and it reminded me of a natural looking tree. But, there are also some areas in need of improvement: 1) The most obvious flaw is there is a large gap in the foliage (the area in the middle of the tree that only...
  9. walawelo

    Starting a jade bonsai

    I saw some interesting jade bonsai on this forum as well as on youtube. I want to start one. I got this jade from a backyard succulent grower out in the country. It looks like it has grown in a very heavy clay top soil (like a little brick). the roots seem to be very fine and this cutting hasn't...
  10. Ampersand

    My Cork bark Jade

    Hello, I'm a beginner to growing bonsai. I was wondering how often can I water my Cork bark Jade? During the summer I would water it daily when the temperature was 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But now it is getting a bit colder and I've been keeping my Jade inside by the window to still get sunlight...
  11. Jacob Jaimes

    Jade Forest

    Nothing extravagant but here is a Jade forest I've created from a clearanced bunch purchased from Wally World. I let the individual plants dry like cuttings & wired them down in a cedar box crafted with my dad. :D
  12. woodstock

    Need help choosing a pot!

    Picked up this Jade Bonsai and last night the winds picked up and knocked it over and out of its training pot with all of the soil along with it... since I have to basically repot it now anyways I was going to put it in something that fits its style and now I'm stuck. Any suggestions on styles?
  13. ekim046

    jade "nebari" are actually aerial roots. solutions?

    hey folks, have a question about my jade. right now, the nebari looks pretty decent for its age. jade nebari https://imgur.com/gallery/gv59k but upon closer inspection, these nebari roots are really just fat and well placed aerial roots: https://imgur.com/gallery/B8NaJ how should I address...
  14. ekim046

    Jade Bonsai Update

    Hey folks, New to bonsainut (and forums in general) so bear with me please as I settle in :) I have a few bonsai I'd like to share, the first of which is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine - a Jade (portucalra afra) bonsai. I've made a few videos on some of the things I've done to her...
  15. Stacey

    Normal tree trunk?

    I got my first bonsai tree about three weeks ago so I do not know too much about them. I've attached a picture of the trunk (the full picture of it is my profile picture) What I am concerned about is the very bottom of the trunk. Is this something I need to worry about or is this a normal...
  16. boguz


    Hello Yesterday i got this crassula at a very nice price, 10$. It doesn't seem so healty, but it seems very old. It is my first crassula, i am not sure what to do. Yes it is not as easy as portulacaria afra for bonsai shapes, but i feel something can be done
  17. F

    Indoor jade bonsai - Fertilizer question

    First post here... after almost a year of wondering why my jade tree (kept indoors) lost a bunch of foliage about a month after purchasing and why I haven't been able to get it full again. I recently purchased a bottle of Dyna-Gro Bonsai-Pro 7-9-5 liquid plant food, hoping that this will do the...
  18. Culper Woodhull

    Wintering question, apple tree bonsai question and jade bonsai question

    Well I had a few questions and thought it best to consolidate into one thread. The first question is it too early to put my juniper bonsai in for wintering? Also, I've decided the egress window would be a great place for wintering, do you think it should be fine in this egress window? My...
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