japanese apricot

  1. R3x

    Interesting video on Prunus Mume branch wiring

    Found this today: Interesting approach on getting sharp bends.
  2. Clicio

    Tutorial Prunus Mume care Calendar

    @Brian Van Fleet kindly provided a comprehensive calendar for Prunus Mume care, as follows: NORTHERN HEMISPHERE Winter: DECEMBER - Prune lightly to a good shape for the flowers. - Carefully wire it if needed. Don’t wire if there is a chance you will knock off flower or leaf buds, they’re...
  3. IMG_20200727_213643_652.jpg


    Prunus Mume fruit (apricot)
  4. Clicio

    My Prunus Mume is begging for your help (again!)

    The story is I was never really convinced this Ume could stay the way it was when I got it. Many of you helped me out with good suggestions last year, unfortunately airlayering it is out of question as it is almost impossible with Prunus. So today I woke up decided to chop it down (it's winter...
  5. Ume


  6. Prunus Mume

    Prunus Mume

    1/15/2017Full Bloom
  7. aframe

    Prunus "Mume" - Japanese Apricot

    Late December, 2014 - A young field grown Mume in flower. Still in garden soil. Large root on left needs to go. Then airlayer the top
  8. J

    New to forum. Bonsai beginner. My collection. pic dump.

    Hello all I am fairly new to bonsai. My dad has been doing it for some years but about 8 months ago i decided to go all in. My trees still need lots of work. I think i got some decent material but I hope you guys could tell me your honest opinion. I have crapapple,ume,shimpaku varieties include...
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