japanese black pine

  1. gapoy

    Cork Bark Black Pine

    Hello guys! £70 for this cork bark, do you think it's a good deal? If not, how would you pick a cork bark bonsai? Do you think it's a good time (autumn) to be buying bonsai?
  2. Apex37

    Are These New Candles Pushing?

    Went out in the garden after working all day and been busy. I noticed my JBP appears to be pushing new candles?? Should I be worried? I repotted it this spring due to a bad needlecast issue and having it in too big of a grow box that stayed too wet. I did no rootwork, basically just slip potted...
  3. N

    Japanese Black Pine Browning/Yellowing Advice

    Hey All! Got a Japanese black pine from the nursery a month ago and planted it into the ground this summer. I planted it on a mound to help with drainage and have been watering ~ 3 days or so. It gets about 5-8h hours of sunlight a day. I got my soil tested and nutrients are plentiful with...
  4. PNW Bonsai

    2 year decandle and development for one of my Japanese Black Pine.

    I've compiled 2 of my video's into 1 full video featuring a Japanese Black Pine I've been working on for some time!
  5. S

    Question about a flowering male JBP

    Recently acquired a young (male, I assume) JBP that had flowered in between the time online pics were taken for sale and me receiving it. This means it has between 1-5 cm of missing needles on the lower parts of almost all its new shoots where the pollen-producing structures that develop in...
  6. B

    greetings from the equator

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum since joined this forum in 2019 location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Found this forum by accident on google when I was searching for some information about sowing JBP seeds back in October 2019. Not knowing there’s a 6 years JBP contest, I was 20...
  7. david in LA

    Japanese Black Pine Design Options

    I picked this Japanese Black Pine up around 2 weeks ago. From what I see I have 2 options; 1. Keep it at it's current height and start developing/refining it. 2. Chop it roughly half way to create a shohin sized tree. Just looking for everyone's opinions as I'd be happy with either options, or...
  8. M

    How To Water JBP

    Hi All, I have some 9 month old Japanese Black Pines and I am always wondering if I am watering them correctly. They are about 9 months old from seed, and they have varying degrees of browning, aside from one. I live in Texas, but it is winter so it is not very hot, and I water them every day...
  9. gustakasn0v

    Japanese Black Pine needle browning

    Hi BonsaiNut crowd, Hoping to get some help from you as a new Bonsai owner. I’ve been growing this JBP from seed since Aug 2021, repotted in March 2022 as the roots were outgrowing the tiny seedling pot. It’s been healthy this entire time, but I went on holiday last Friday and came back Sunday...
  10. ragenmoan

    JBP fall pruning to balance energy

    I have this JPB I repotted 2 years ago. The right side of the tree is weaker than the top and left side. I need to do better job rotating the tree throughout the year. I'm looking to balance the tree's energy by pruning the stronger branches to previous 1 - 2 year(s) needles (see photo with...
  11. PowerTap

    Moving a JBP outside

    I have a friend that has a ~6yo JBP that he has grown from seed. He has kept it inside in a bonsai pot forever. He now has a house he could put it outside and I've convinced him it would be best. I'm not sure if it would be better to move it now in our unusually warm and dry Seattle October...
  12. A

    JBP too late to take seedling cuttings?

    Hi, I’ve recently acquired 30 or so JBP seedlings and have been reading up on the seedling cutting technique, my question is are these seedlings too old to cut and secondly, is it too late in the season to take them (it’s early autumn/fall here in the uk which is pretty mild and I don’t have...
  13. L

    JBP seedlings: genetic variation or disease

    Do I just have a JBP seedling with some interesting genetics that produce a yellowish coloration on the newest needles or is this something health-related? The 2 seedlings are planted in the same soil mix literally side-by-side in the same mesh bottom tray with downspout tubing risers. They...
  14. B

    [88 Days] Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine x 2

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, Here are the results of my 2nd attempted at air layering Japanese Black Pine #3 and #4. Location: Bali, Indonesia Date of Air-Layer: 7 May 2022 Date of Removal & Repot: 2 August 2022 Total No. of Days: 88 In my earlier thread here...
  15. Sidesummy

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression Photo Series: As of 2022 I'm 7 years into my bonsai from seed journey. I thought it would in nice to provide an ongoing photo series of my progress thus far. Reading the forums for several years I have always found it particularly helpful when...
  16. Y

    JBP seedling

    So I planted these JBP out of season last October. They handled the winter very well staying greenish purple, but now as they wake up from dormancy two of them have turned brown. Not sure what I did wrong as they have all been in the same pot getting watered at the same times. Do these two look...
  17. memehongkong

    My first Japanese Black Pine. Need advice.

    Hello, Found this Japanese Black Pine at our local nursery. They cost $50 (not $500 I see all the time for larger JBP). Have a few questions & I'm looking for advice. --Estimate age of this pine? --I also bought a very small JBP & JRP online, they cost $10 + shipping. How long will it take...
  18. rollwithak

    Time for Decisions on the JBP

    Hi All, Looking for peoples opinions on where I should go with this from here. My inexperienced instinct tells me it’s about time to cut back. Or I could let this seasons flush come and thicken the trunk more, however I’m afraid the lower branching might start dying off. Pictures could be...
  19. R

    Japanese black pine needle browning

    I had potted this seedling in the pot last year in a bonsai soil(alp). It has been growing well in spring and summer. In fall, I started noticing few needles browning in the lower branch and the bud not so aggressive. I have seen the diagnosis chart and couldn't find the exact issue. I suspect...
  20. L

    Japanese red pine 'Jane Kluis'

    Does anyone else happen to have this variety? The information I've been able to find on the web indicates that it's a hybrid, although there seems to be some question about whether it's a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus thunbergii or a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus nigra...
  21. L

    Lorax7 JBP #2 progression

    purchased 2021, haven’t done anything to it yet: I’ve since repotted it into a mesh bottom tray, but haven’t taken a new photo yet. Also removed the existing rusty steel wire.
  22. L

    Lorax7 JBP #1 progression

    How it was when I got it (2018): Group photo 2020 (right), after having survived a bad case of needlecast and losing some branches:
  23. AnutterBonsai

    Finding potential in my new JBP Mikawa

    Hello everyone! I talked to my local bonsai nurseryman and I asked them about which pine is good for growing in our region. They told me JBPs tend to grow well here. I ordered this Mikawa JBP approx. 4-6 years old, they said. I’m not the best at finding a design, specially to pines at such a...
  24. dlquick

    Shimpaku Juniper Beginner Bonsai

    I've always been intrigued by the elegance and art of bonsai since I was a teen, and now that I'm in my 30's I realize that I've wasted the last decade not doing any research or even purchasing my first.. until now. I'm the typical excited, over-anxious, impatient, and nervous first time buyer...
  25. BeneficialCucumber

    Potential, advice and general opinion on first Japanese Black Pine.

    Hi everyone! Here I stand at the beginning of my Bonsai journey and at least for the time being I feel very interested in conifers. My favorite among them being Chinese Junipers and Japanese Black Pines, at least aesthetically. I decided to go for a young JBP, partly as a long term project but...
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