japanese black pine

  1. G

    Japanese Black Pine Help—is it dying?

    Hi all, I'm admittedly a novice at bonsai rearing. My husband received a Japanese Black Pine as a gift, approximately five years old, from a friend. I've been pulling my hair out over trying to keep it alive and have unfortunately realized that I've made several mistakes in caring for it...
  2. R

    Looking for information...

    Hi, this Japanese Black Pine was yellow when I received it. I expected it to die but over the past 3 months it greened up and actually grew a half inch. I have it in a tiny terra cotta pot I had lying around. The roots are starting to come out the bottom. I want to turn it into a bonsai. But...
  3. P

    Bought Online Pine Reverse Taper

    I'm pretty new to bonsai and this site. I've learned so much just reading through the forum and resources here. Thank you to everyone that contributes to help us newbies. Well, I made a purchase online because of the convenience factor. The tree is a Japanese Black Pine and was fairly cheap...
  4. M

    Work in Progress: First JBP

    Hi All, Last year I purchased two JBP and as I find the species quite overwhelming and 'scary' compared to Junipers, Elms, etc. So I hedged and decided to just let them grow over the Spring/Summer to see. 11 months later I can see the pro's and cons of doing so -- in some ways, i'm glad I did...
  5. jbogard

    Help with ID and should I buy

    I am interested in buying this pine that the owner thinks is a Japanese black pine. The only thing is that he planted some red and white pines at the same time and he’s not entirely sure which ones were which. Do you guys think it’s a black pine and is it worth buying?
  6. kevinlovett86

    Mail order mishap / free tree

    So while I was looking for the right tree to plant in my coconut a couple of weeks ago, I must’ve clicked the wrong buttons because I can’t read Chinese properly. This is what I ordered... And that’s what arrived. It’s small, twisty and has got great potential. Today the security guards told...
  7. Japanese black pine exposed root bonsai 80+ years old wind swept style

    Japanese black pine exposed root bonsai 80+ years old wind swept style

    Japanese black pine exposed root bonsai 80+ years old wind swept style
  8. Japanese Black pine exposed roots 80+ years old Showing scale of tree

    Japanese Black pine exposed roots 80+ years old Showing scale of tree

    Japanese Black pine exposed roots 80+ years old Showing scale of tree
  9. Gsquared

    JBP needle pulling

    I have a confession. It is my dirty little bonsai secret. I’ve beeing doing bonsai for a long time and I still get tied in knots over needle plucking on JBP. Probably because I attributed over zealous needle pulling to the death of my first pine. In retrospect, it was probably something else...
  10. Randolph

    Shohin Japanese Red Pine

    Hello everyone, I need some advice about what could be going on with my pine. I am keeping it outside in mostly full sun, possibly overwatering a little just to make sure it doesn't dry out. Its starting to lose its bright green color and the needles are turning brown in segments, I suspect a...
  11. BeebsBonsai

    White needles on entire jbp

    Hey all, Its been a while since ive posted. Been busy with work and buying a new home. We have been having an ungodly spring here in chicago. Its more like winter 2 Anyway, i brought my jbp outside about two weeks ago, and the needles seemed a bit pale, but nothing too bad considering...
  12. AppleBonsai

    My Cork Bark Black Pine

    ...Older import that was pretty weak when I got it a couple years ago, so nursing it back to full health in a training pot for another couple years!
  13. S

    Temperatures for growing black pine seeds

    I want to try the Japanese black pine from seed contest. I am going to stratify them in February or March, and plant in April. In Denver in April average low temperatures are around 35 degrees. Should I grow them indoors until May or June when temperature lows are in the 50s and then move...
  14. S

    How to create large black pines?

    First of all, I have seen plenty of articles on trunk development for small shohin black pine bonsai, but I haven't seen any for large black pine bonsai. I have pre bonsai that are a foot in height, and I would like to eventually get them to around two feet in height. I have selected existing...
  15. markyscott

    Shohin black pine from seed

    Here’s a 10 year old seedling cutting I purchased from the grower about a year ago: It has a very nice twist near the base and I was motivated to build a shohin black pine from this tree. Issue is that the branches aren’t low enough to pull off a shohin. It’ll need a key branch at the...
  16. R

    Japanese Black Pine seeds stratification

    Hello everyone I bought last week some Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese black pine) seeds. On the instructions says that I have to do a cold stratification of 2 months and plant them in spring. I assume it is a little bit too early to begin with the stratification now.... so what should I do with the...
  17. S

    Do systemic fungicides harm black pine mycorrhizae?

    I was planning to treat one of my Japanese black pines with bonide infuse, (a systemic fungicide) to treat needle cast. I was also planning on using daconil and copper fungicide to treat it. I do not know if I should treat with bonide infuse, since it could harm mycorrhizae. Does anyone use...
  18. Rodrigo

    Japanese black pine starting to bud right before winter.

    Hello, My first Japanese black pine got a weekend of more sun than usual after a weekend out of town. I believe it caused to think it was spring again and it's starting to bud out. I don't want to lose all the energy it stored for the spring so is there any way I can stop it from extending...
  19. parhamr

    parhamr contest entry thread

    Please keep posts in this thread to a minimum so it’s concise and clear. Purchase 1: “2,000 Pinus Thunbergii Seeds (Pinus Thunbergiana, Japanese Black Pine Seeds) 2000 Pinus Thunbergii B28 SAC” from http://www.rarexoticseeds.com/ (2017-11-03) I’ve never purchased from this vendor before...
  20. S

    Does this Black Pine have needle cast?

    I bought an “Ondae” cultivar Japanese Black Pine in February and repotted it in March. It seemed to be doing well, but over the summer, I have found what seems to be needle cast on its needles. Tips of some needles are turning brown at the tips and towards the ends, some needles are turning...
  21. Clicio

    End of winter here - JBP Repotting and nothing else?

    Hello all; As I live in Brazil, here we are approaching the end of winter. My Japanese Black Pine needs new soil, so I will repot it as soon as the buds start to swell, in one or two weeks I guess. But... Besides repotting, it needs some heavy pruning and some wiring; I will leave decandle...
  22. BeebsBonsai

    What Pest is in my JBP Soil?

    Hello all, I was outside checking the moisture in my JBP soil this morning to see if it needed a water and I noticed a strange worm-looking bug in my soil. I believe I was only seeing its tail at the time, but either the tail or the head was above soil level near the root base. It was...
  23. BeebsBonsai

    JBP watering

    hey all, How long do you all wait between waterings of your japanese black pine during the heat of the summer? I think im waterinng a bit much now that the growth has hardened off and I just wanted to see what you guys do as far as watering them. Its 90 here all week and i have been...
  24. BeebsBonsai

    Juvenile Growth on Japanese Black Pine

    Hello, I purchased a Japanese Black Pine in late February this year. Instead of candles, this Black Pine had produced all pollen sacs. Judging by the shape of the tree, I am guessing these were produced as a last resort attempt at reproduction from the dying tree. I removed all of the pollen...
  25. aframe

    Repotting 3-4 year old Japanese Black Pines

    A short article for those looking into the repotting of JBP: Throughout the year there will be updates with relevant content about repotting, bare-rooting (seedlings), removing compacted soil, root pruning and timing specific technique aimed at helping people who are new to JBP. You may find...
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