japanese maple bonsai help

  1. J

    Japanese maple styling

  2. W

    Japanese maple tips turning dark

    Hi Im new to maples (and pretty new to bonsai in general), and recently bought this Japanese maple. I live in Denmark, so its still fairly cold outside, about 5-10 Celcius. Recently I've noticed that the tips of some of the upper leaves have begun turning dark. However they are not turning...
  3. Rivian

    Acer palmatum disease advice

    Hello everyone, the edges of the new shoots of my Sangokaku, Bi-Hoo and Deshojo japanese maples are turning black and I dont know why. I dont think they will mature properly, if I do nothing theyll probably just die. Maybe it looks like Im overreacting to you, but I just had to burn my largest...
  4. S

    Baby Japanese Maple

    Hello, I am new to Bonsai and have been doing a ton of research and have gathered my materials and have even shaped a couple of small beginner trees. My question is about my Japanese maple I was gifted. I need help getting the trunk to thicken and establishing a strong nebari. I got over zealous...
  5. R

    Bonsai Maple tree main and most of the trunks turned black (anyone could help please)

    Hi guys, Hope you all well. I have given 30 years old maple bonsai tree, 3 weeks ago. And already have blackened trunks but not as bad as this. 3 weeks ago still have new small trunks and small leaves to start growing. Last week i have repotting the tree, cutting a lot of roots, with hope i...
  6. J

    New here & to growing anything really.

    Hey guys... i am new to growing any plants/ tree's i have done basic research into how to keep them alive in pots ect and as i was strolling through my local supermarket i stumbled upon a Japanese maple tree...and hearing that these where a good option to start a bonsai tree with i picked it up...
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