japanese maple chop

  1. MiyagiFan

    Japanese Maple Chop Advice

    Hello BNuts! Got this Japanese Maple Ryusen from a nursery that will be getting repotted in spring. Hoping to get chop advice as I think some of the branches are way too thick. Should I chop all of the branches this spring and regrow all of them or do you see ones I should consider keeping...
  2. RobertB

    Question on Developing New Leader with Short Internodes on Acer Palmatum / Japanese Maple

    I seem to be confused with the best way to develop a new leader after a chop on Japanese maples while keeping the internodes short. This is probably the same with branches you plan to keep as part of your final design. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but when you chop a JM and when it starts...
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