japanese maple seedling

  1. J

    Cute little one

    I know it’s not even near for what a bonsai is. Not even 5% there yet, but i just wanna show a cute little plant i have. I don’t know why but this kiddo just make me so attracted to it. Does the trunk movement retain when it grows? Mmmm... but i guess not ‘cause if i grow it to thicken the...
  2. BarkLeafTrees

    Collected Arakawa Maple Seeds

    Hello everyone, I collected these Maple seeds from my Arakawa along with some dropped leaves in late October and just sprinkled them over the surface of one of my garden pots. I’ve got a lot of freshly sprouting seedlings, I have two questions about this. 1. How and when would be best to...
  3. RobertB

    Acer Palmatum from Seed

    So I've collected about 300-500 seeds from many different Japanese maple cultivars this fall. Going to start them with these other seeds for the JBP contest. There is some interesting info on evergreen gardenworks website about growing JM from seed. Some info about pruning / pinching at about...
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