japanese maple

  1. P

    Japanese Maple Pest ID

    This is a Seiryu japanese maple and im not sure what is on the trunk.
  2. T

    Bought my first japanese maple deshojo

    Hello, I just got this little tree for a couple of weeks now and I've been thinking and doing research on it ever since. It's a deshojo Japanese maple, with red leaves and, to a degree, less vigorous than a typical Japanese maple. So the tree has good potential in my opinion, it has lots and...
  3. Jan JC

    Acer palmatum in "hot" weather ?

    Hey everyone! First of all, I'd like to apologize if my english isn't correct, I'm from Spain so it's not my maternal language... Anyway, I have a Japanese Maple (actually two of them), varieties are 'Seiryu' and 'Yamamomiji' (common Japanese Maple), since this spring-summer (2020). They've been...
  4. N

    New to bonsai - where to purchase affordable and more mature Japanese maple

    Hi all, I've just recently started to explore bonsai and I've quickly become obsessed. I was gifted a seed starter kit for my birthday and I also purchase a young Arakawa Japanese maple from my local nursery. This maple came in a 1 gallon container and is only about half an inch in diameter...
  5. B

    Nurseries with Japanese or Trident maples in NJ?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone from the Jersey area had any recommendations for nurseries with decently priced maples. I'm looking for either Trident Maples or Japanese Maples. Unfortunately I think most of the places around me sell either either grafted or very expensive maples. I'm in the...
  6. Catclow

    Dormant or Desperate?

    I have a full moon aureum Japanese Maple that I purchased about a year ago as pre-bonsai. It flourished until I moved to a patio apartment with a southwest patio exposure (albeit a covered patio). I’ve assumed the slow defoliation was due to the extreme exposure before I realized it was...
  7. BonsaiNaga13

    How to sow Arakawa maple seeds from 2019?

    Last year I ordered some fresh arakawa seeds from Sheffields, stored them in the fridge until i was ready to plant them, and had some seeds sprout on warm days during the winter. Only 3 from that batch survived(squirrel attacks mostly)and one already is displaying rough bark. 3 of the ones that...
  8. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Bi-Hoo turning black

    What exactly is happening here and why and can I prevent this in the future?
  9. Rivian

    How to wake up small JM in Winter?

    They have naturally dropped their leaves and I would like to make them leaf out asap. I hear maples need 6 weeks of having no leaves, or something like that. If I just take them indoors when December has arrived, and supplement with a growing light, might that wake them up healthily?
  10. NewtotheArt

    Defoliating Trident Maple

    A question I have that I can never find a straight answer to is should I begin defoliating my Trident Maple forest before the Winter hits or should I let the leaves fall off naturally with time? I’ve been told both answers but not quite sure what to do. The leaves are just now beginning to die...
  11. Rivian

    Sango Kaku - Winter flame

    I have a Sango Kaku Japanese maple (first year, not much experience) and Im wondering how it compares to Winter flame, which is another red wood winter interest JM with similar leaves. However, Winter flame is more or less a dwarf variety not usually exceeding 8 feet tall. My main question is...
  12. P

    Wanted: Japanese Maple Seigen

    Have been searching forever for this cultivar, but to no avail. The few promising leads/nurseries are all sold out or won't sell them. Really been wanting to get one for a while now, even if it's a smaller less developed tree. If anyone is willing to sell, please let me know.
  13. Rivian

    Help me propagate a red JM in August

    This is about the tiny leaf JM I found. 1.4m tall, upright, non-dissected red leaves. Well I found the nursery it was bought from, went there and they didnt have it there and couldnt even name the cultivar. I want to get my claws on this already xD So one way or another I will attempt to...
  14. Rivian

    First fully successful airlayer - Deshojo maple

    "Fully" successful because I got ordinary JM to root before but then had fungal issues I recognised too late. The straight JM rooted In about 4 weeks, the roots came out from the upper edge. Deshojo I checked after 2 months, there was some callus but no roots. Didnt cut anything, just reapplied...
  15. Rivian

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  16. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Osakazuki cultivar group

    I had some bad experience with Osakazuki and I want to avoid ordering cultivars with similar leathery leaves etc. ( I have thrown mine away so no pictures). But since I order online I may notice too late. So Im asking what other cultivars do you know of that are closely related to Osakazuki...
  17. Rivian

    Acer palmatum disease advice

    Hello everyone, the edges of the new shoots of my Sangokaku, Bi-Hoo and Deshojo japanese maples are turning black and I dont know why. I dont think they will mature properly, if I do nothing theyll probably just die. Maybe it looks like Im overreacting to you, but I just had to burn my largest...
  18. Clorgan

    Japanese mountain maple - seeking thoughts!

    Japanese mountain maple, was initially going to get one just to plant, not for bonsai, but found this in a local nursery...any thoughts on it? Looks like it's got OK taper and beginnings of alright nebari to me. I mean it's a long long way off a thick trunk, but I think it's got potential to...
  19. kevinlovett86

    Surprise Me Maples

    A month or so ago I bought a few maple seedlings to make a fusion/forest type deal. Now I reckoned i wanna play around and make a mame, or even a shito. I didn’t take a cutting from my tree because I wanna boost growth a bit, so I just bought another since they’re only 6 or 6 RMB (about 1...
  20. ajm55555

    Japanese Maple Deshojo 2019

    I don't have many trees mainly due to space constraints and I consider this Deshojo the last incarnation of my main tree. Yes Deshojos, have many lives, like cats, they die and reincarnate in a new tree. To summarize, I hope to learn from the past. I'll document its progress and ask for your...
  21. M

    Help and Opinions on styling a Japanese Maple Bloodgood

    Hi everybody, I'm a complete beginner to the art of bonsai and for my first tree I bought a japanese bloodgood maple which I thought had an interesting trunk shape. I wanted to ask for some opinions on styling from those with a more experienced eye than me before doing anything to it. A couple...
  22. prawn

    Please help with my new thriving maple! (I am a total noob)

    Hello everyone! I am a complete bonsai beginner that started during quarantine. I purchased a small Japanese maple tree starter about a month ago and since then it has really grown! I was so surprised and happy. If you can please offer me any advice if I should be doing something at these early...
  23. M

    When to top JM

    Hi, New to the forum and to bonsai in general. I saw this weeping JM at Lowe’s for half price and couldn’t pass it up. I love its structure but am moving to a townhouse soon and will not have sufficient outdoor space so I want to reduce the size of my trees. My question is: When is the best...
  24. H

    Help! Dark area on tree - spreading..

    Hey Folks, I have a Japanese maple here which was repotted from nursery stock about a month ago. I only made one cut, and that was on the top to shorten the tree. Everything was looking great from the repotting up until this last week. At first, just shortly after repotting I noticed 2 very...
  25. BonjourBonsai

    Question on position of air layer, or when you come to a fork in the road, do you take it?

    I'd like to air layer a part of this Acer P. but I'm not sure where. Should I: layer below the Y and make a double trunk, Layer the left or the right and leave the other, or Layer both above the Y There are some leaves below the Y so if I did 1 or 3 the tree should be ok. If I did 2, I could...
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