japanese maple

  1. SeanS

    SeanS shohin clump

    Here’s the progression of a shohin clump I have on the go. I air layered a cluster of 5 branches from a nursery tree during the 2020/21 growing season. Here’s the section I layered Here’s the tree separated and growing nicely Yesterday I did the initial cut back and wiring. I’ll repot...
  2. SeanS

    SeanS Maple 1

    Time to start a thread for my biggest JM. This is standard acer palmatum I picked up from a local garden nursery in July 2020 for ~$14 (R200). In the following August as the buds were swelling I trunk chopped and repotted the tree, and wired the primary branches. I chopped much higher than my...
  3. L

    Help id issue with japanese maple

    Hi, I have two japanese maples. One of them started showing these gray patches on some of the leaves. Not sure if this could be a sign of over or under watering or maybe a fungus infection. A quick google search suggested powdery mildew but I am not 100% sure. The other japanese maple is...
  4. D

    Help! Overwatered maple?

    I recently got an unwanted Japanese maple from a garden. I dug it up before the buds started swelling in spring. I heavily pruned and washed the roots. I potted it up in a holed basket (with lots of drainage holes on the bottom too) in pure attapulgite (cat litter). I placed lots of sphagnum...
  5. Clorgan

    JM Kiyohime

    Separate thread for this one. Sorry I've posted it already, but within another thread. So, new to me Kiyohime. Planning how to get round the blooming awkward roots, and branches. Had some ideas from @AlainK already - either a big chop job or air layer to make a multi trunk. I had a little...
  6. Rivian

    Differences in disease resistence of JM cultivars

    I'm interested in your experience with cultivars of everything commonly described as a Japanese maple, regarding their disease resistence. I could not find anything on this topic beyond throwaway comments Especially curious what people say who had multiple cultivars, over several years, and...
  7. Clorgan

    Quick help for (hopefully) saved Katsura please :)

    JM katsura from Morisons (supermarket) - looking very sorry for itself! But worth trying to save for £4.50. Guessing repot is wise because of the roots being wrapped (burlap if that's what you call it?) I have eracenous soil, akadama and a kaizen bonsai mix on hand. Not able to go out to get...
  8. K

    Growth rate many airlayers vs single plant

    Hey guys, Lately I've been quite obsessed🥴 with propagating japanese maple cultivars via air layers and being as efficient as possible at it, i.e. maximizing growth/gains. I keep wondering whether having many smaller plants of the same cultivar produces a generally higher amount of accumulated...
  9. K

    Multi-trunk Japanese Maple 'Little Princess'

    Hey everyone!👋 I thought I would make a poll to determine the best possible front/style for this Acer Palmatum 'Little Princess' I got for 60€ from a local nursery! Since I'm very new to bonsai, I'm not entirely sure if it's the best bonsai material, but the nebari seemed promising and the...
  10. S

    Newbie could use some help with new tree

    Hello, everyone. I just joined and and wanted to ask the community a few quick questions: I got this maple yesterday, it's planted in regular dirt (I think) with some kind of spongy black rocks (almost like perlite) with an orange coating, on top of the dirt. It is 7 years old, according to the...
  11. Clorgan

    ID for my Japanese Maple?

    Been looking for one to plant at the end of my garden. Found this really cheap at a family run nursery and snapped it up as it was the only one. Unfortunately the only bloke working had no idea - his answer was 'I think it's some sort of acer' 😂 lovely bloke mind. Ideally I'd have known the ID...
  12. Clorgan

    Help me choose garden tree please 😊

    So as title says, I'm looking for a tree for the bottom left area of my garden. Sorry think I have asked this somewhere before, but making a thread so I can find easily! Parts of this area get boggy so I'm happy to look into drainage if needed? Clay soil, south west facing, gets some PM shade...
  13. cbroad

    J.M. clump air layer

    Here's a Japanese maple clump air layer I've been growing since fall of 2016. It came off of a tree in my yard and unfortunately I don't know the variety. It gets a nice orange fall color which is a little unique with palmatums. I repotted it last Wednesday and took off the biggest trunk which...
  14. A

    Japanese Maple Ground Layering or Tourniquet Advice

    Hello all, I'd like some advice on this tree. As you can see, there are 2 pretty bad inverse taper spots on the lower trunk. I was thinking of ground layering or using the tourniquet method on it to fix this and get a nice nebari at the same time. So a few questions. Where would you do this, I...
  15. A

    Big Box Store Japanese Maple - chop and root prune? Or just chop?

    Found this maple at Home Depot and couldn’t pass it up due to the price. Had to chop most of the branches off to get into the suv for the ride home. It was balled and bur-lapped in the pot. I pulled it away a bit and just under the clay soil there is some root flare. I will probably ground/air...
  16. P

    Japanese Maple Pest ID

    This is a Seiryu japanese maple and im not sure what is on the trunk.
  17. T

    Bought my first japanese maple deshojo

    Hello, I just got this little tree for a couple of weeks now and I've been thinking and doing research on it ever since. It's a deshojo Japanese maple, with red leaves and, to a degree, less vigorous than a typical Japanese maple. So the tree has good potential in my opinion, it has lots and...
  18. Jan JC

    Acer palmatum in "hot" weather ?

    Hey everyone! First of all, I'd like to apologize if my english isn't correct, I'm from Spain so it's not my maternal language... Anyway, I have a Japanese Maple (actually two of them), varieties are 'Seiryu' and 'Yamamomiji' (common Japanese Maple), since this spring-summer (2020). They've been...
  19. N

    New to bonsai - where to purchase affordable and more mature Japanese maple

    Hi all, I've just recently started to explore bonsai and I've quickly become obsessed. I was gifted a seed starter kit for my birthday and I also purchase a young Arakawa Japanese maple from my local nursery. This maple came in a 1 gallon container and is only about half an inch in diameter...
  20. B

    Nurseries with Japanese or Trident maples in NJ?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone from the Jersey area had any recommendations for nurseries with decently priced maples. I'm looking for either Trident Maples or Japanese Maples. Unfortunately I think most of the places around me sell either either grafted or very expensive maples. I'm in the...
  21. Catclow

    Dormant or Desperate?

    I have a full moon aureum Japanese Maple that I purchased about a year ago as pre-bonsai. It flourished until I moved to a patio apartment with a southwest patio exposure (albeit a covered patio). I’ve assumed the slow defoliation was due to the extreme exposure before I realized it was...
  22. BonsaiNaga13

    How to sow Arakawa maple seeds from 2019?

    Last year I ordered some fresh arakawa seeds from Sheffields, stored them in the fridge until i was ready to plant them, and had some seeds sprout on warm days during the winter. Only 3 from that batch survived(squirrel attacks mostly)and one already is displaying rough bark. 3 of the ones that...
  23. Rivian

    Acer palmatum Bi-Hoo turning black

    What exactly is happening here and why and can I prevent this in the future?
  24. Rivian

    How to wake up small JM in Winter?

    They have naturally dropped their leaves and I would like to make them leaf out asap. I hear maples need 6 weeks of having no leaves, or something like that. If I just take them indoors when December has arrived, and supplement with a growing light, might that wake them up healthily?
  25. NewtotheArt

    Defoliating Trident Maple

    A question I have that I can never find a straight answer to is should I begin defoliating my Trident Maple forest before the Winter hits or should I let the leaves fall off naturally with time? I’ve been told both answers but not quite sure what to do. The leaves are just now beginning to die...
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