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  1. FaNt0m

    Japanese Maple Identification

    Can someone please tell me exactly which variety of Japanese maples I have, two different plants, I can’t figure it out. Also the one with the red leaves is how I got one of them, if that helps.
  2. E

    Experiences with Essence of the Tree Japanese Maple specialist nursery?

    I found them on the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bonsai "Bonsai Vendors" page, and they have a "For bonsai" section on their page where they list cultivars of JMs they sell with growth habits that are generally desired for maple bonsai subjects. Does anyone have experience with them? They seem...
  3. Rivian

    Healing a large wound quickly on a Dissectum maple

    I have this, probably, Dissectum Garnet that had a large trunk stump removed recently (was infected with orange fungus). I used tools to carve away all infected wood, used fungicide and then sealed the cut. Its starting to roll over slowly but if possible I want it to roll over much quicker...
  4. S

    Crispy edges and dark spots on new acquisition

    Hello, I am a long time lurker that is dipping my toe in the water for the first time. I acquired a lovely Japanese Maple last weekend. I don't know where whether it came from near or far. At first I thought it might have gotten a bit sunburned on new tips but as I look closer, I see some...
  5. H

    Is my Japanese Maple happy? (NYC)

    Hello! I have a potted Japanese Maple that I got in April. It has seemed very lush and happy until this week when I noticed some of the leaves had turned brown and shriveled and some others had turned from bright green to yellow/pinkish. It receives morning light from about 9:30am to 1:30pm. I...
  6. goth_gardener

    Potting mix/Care for large Weeping Maple bonsai

    Hello nuts ! I rescued this beautiful maple tree on sale from my local nursery today and am curious about doing a larger bonsai situation in this pot… here is the tree resting on some previous potting soil in the container (will be acid loving later ofc), a larger pic of location just for fun...
  7. B

    Nursery for field grown starters

    I have access to a nursery with a few different species in zone 5. Plenty of Japanese maple which is what I have in mind. I might be able to find some good 5-8 year growth from field saplings. What should I look for?
  8. Rivian

    Sick Arakawa

    I thought the sickly leaves could be handled by better soil and fertilizer, but then I took a closer look at the bark. Ive been aware of something going on there for a while but thought it might be a weird thing arakawa does when forming rough bark. The discolored area is spreading and now...
  9. TurtleSquisher

    In for a TREAT.

    Good morning friends~ I have some SUPER exciting news. I just recently picked up my first Red Japanese Maple from a trip. Not but 3 days of having it, I had 6 clippings potted an ready to root. What happened in those 3 days might shock you. So after I got home I went over to my friend's...
  10. M

    New to Bonsai, just got my first Japanese Maple

    Hey y’all, I just purchased my first Japanese maple that I got in a nursery pot. I did a fair amount of root pruning and I’m letting it recover in the shade currently. It seems like it’s recovering rather quickly which is good. I’ve been looking it over and I want to chop one of the main...
  11. Smithlandia

    JM Rotted Trunk Hole Holding Water

    TL;DR - my tree rotted in the middle, so I carved out the spongy-rotted wood and that created a water-holding hole in the trunk. I'm not sure what to do to fix the water-holding hole or to help this tree heal-up. Pics inserted below. I have had this Japanese Maple (Osakazuki) since 2014 (I...
  12. F

    Nursery Underdog to Bonsai?

    Hey all, I have a presumed Deshojo (might be Shin Deshojo but I am no expert) Japanese Maple that I rescued from the sad corner of a local nursery about 2 years ago. I honestly didn't expect it to survive this long but now I'm attached and wondering what the process would be to take it from a...
  13. C

    Japanese Maple - Droopy and orange leaf tips - help/ suggestions?

    I recently purchased this Japanese Maple. When I bought it, all of the leaves had dried out and were about to fall away. Over the next couple of days, they ultimately came off. I figured it was due to it being the beginning of Autumn. I fed the tree some Seasol and some liquid fertiliser over...
  14. Apex37

    Repot Suggestions For Young JM

    Got a couple JM's the other day I'm thinking about repotting. The 2gal is 'Koto Hime' I'm trying to decide to Ebihara into a 12"x15"x3" pot or putting him into a pond basket. I love how small the foliage is and the natural flare they begin to start with at such a young age. I was thinking of...
  15. NaoTK

    Juanita es muy fea

    So I run a lot in my city and I scope out trees while I run. One day I saw in someone's front yard a ridiculously ramified Japanese maple stump. So I knock on their door and the lady doesn't speak English. So her daughter translates and I offer to buy the trunk for $100. They were super excited...
  16. S

    Taking on a Shishio/Chishio Improved Cutting

    I purchased this young cutting online as a new project. This will be my second maple and I am definitely still a bonsai rookie. I’ve posted a pic of the tree as well as the planter I intend on using for the next couple of years. Reason for my post is that I want to make sure I do this very...
  17. A

    Stratifying & Germinating Maple Seeds indoors.

    I have just collected some Jap. M seedlings and would like to germinate them as quickly as possible, but the success rate is the highest priority. Online, people say stratification can take 14 -120 days. Some say to boil and others say to not. My state gets warm around late March. My current...
  18. LunaticTree

    "Katsura" Maple and Larix

    Hello there! I am still relatively new to Bonsai, but I do know the basics by now. As for myself I am a Landscapegardener so it is nothing of a challenge to me to take care of special Flowers/Trees. I own quite a variety of Citrus plants and European Orchids, they are known to be quite...
  19. A

    My current troublemakers

    Said lovingly of course. The Acer in the background (a Takinogawa that had a hard time this year and that I'm surprised made it because it arrived literally during our legendary ice storm, and has since put up with record breaking wind storms, hail, heat, and hardly any humidity when we're...
  20. L

    Lorax7 Japanese Maple ‘Fireglow’ #1 progression

    Got this one via mail from Maplestone Ornamentals in 2019 and repotted upon arrival. Took an air layer from it this year. Here it is now:
  21. ForThemWhatCare

    Wild growth Japanese Maple - Harvest

    Was touring my father-in-law's garden when we spotted this 3-4ft Japanese Maple. It was growing over a dead azalea bush and hidden amongst a bunch of other shrubs. He said this would be the best time to take it so we dug it up and carried it home. The roots were all mixed up with the dead...
  22. J

    Looking for advice

    Hello all, I recently purchased these 3 Japanese Maples from a local nursery & had two main questions - how could I go about identifying the trees? They have some green foliage as well as some purple and red foliage on them & dark purple stems. My next question is when should I go about...
  23. M

    Cultivar identification

    Hello, I was looking through the forum and looked through many threads. I could not find a close match as I was looking for a general guide on identifying maple cultivars (certainly a very tedious task). I came across this when looking for planters on a website for local buy/sell. The owner does...
  24. dlquick

    Trident & Shishio looking.. rough?

    After receiving both of these trees from a nursery, I fear for the future on both of them. First pictures are right after I unpackaged them (in a box for 4 days/received on 8/19), and second pictures are from today, just 4 days of watering twice a day (90 plus degrees/high humidity in NC). Being...
  25. Japanese Maple

    Japanese Maple

    This tree is under the care of @Owen Reich and is one of my favorite trees to think about when I envision a Japanese maple. Photo by @callisto_visuals
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