japanese maple

  1. N

    Gifted a Japanese Maple - Need fall/winter advice

    Hello. After spending a few weeks talking and learning about bonsai, I was gifted my first, a Japanese maple, yesterday from my very well-meaning girlfriend. It came with a book (101 Essential Tips) and I’ve been watching youtube videos on watering and specifically on not over watering. I’m...
  2. S

    Brown tips on Japanese maple leaves

    Hi Everyone. Am looking for help with a small Japanese maple I bought at a local bonsai store here in Canada. It's potted in Akadama and seems very young; it's probably 8-9 inches tall. The problem: When it sprouts new leaves, their tips turn brown. I've been keeping it indoors near a...
  3. C

    Defoliating Japanese Maple

    From the posts I’ve read on here I’m a little confused and there seem to be conflicting thoughts on whether or not defoliating helps to thicken a trunk faster. What I currently have is an Acer Palmatum still in he nursery pot. I bought it this year and wanted to wait (at least) until next...
  4. SilverioSan

    Another day, Another Maple

    Hello guys, I have been done a bit of search around, have read as many posts as possible and watched millions pictures and YouTube videos and yet I am here asking your professional opinion on this. This is my Japanese Maple and I would like to start to give some shape, distribute some energy...
  5. T

    Air Layering Crimson Queen?

    Hi, I’m Dane, This is my first post here, so tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, I recently got a grafted Japanese Maple ‘Crimson Queen’ from my local garden center, and I have a couple questions about it. First off I live in Zone 10 (a or b, I don’t know), Glendale, LA County, in...
  6. E

    Japanese Maple Leaf Recs

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an outdoor Japanese Maple tree in Zone 10. I live in south Florida and the summers can get pretty humid/hot and out sunlight is notorious. I am looking to add a Maple to my collection but unsure what will be best and can stand the South...
  7. M

    Japanese Maple Pre-bonsai Training Advice

    Purchased this Japanese Maple as a pre-bonsai from a last spring. Last week did a few clippings off some branches that had long internodes from last season. Wondering what the community thought about any additional work that needed to be done before it really starts budding out more. I'm...
  8. Rodrigo

    Shade Mesh?

    I have a couple of Japanese Maples that I'll need to protect from the harsh Texas summer heat (I only get afternoon sun at the moment). The only shade mesh I've found in stores was at Lowe's but it's way too much for what I need (price and quantity) and it also blocks about 75% of light, which I...
  9. Vlad Cruceanu

    Japanese Maple Bloodgood Mature Tree

    Hi everybody, Love BonsaiNut and all the information that can be found here. I'm a beginner looking to get into the bonsai world. At this point, I have a couple of Tamarind seedlings started from 0, a Ficus Microcarpa that I have received as a gift and a Ficus Benjamina Kinky, a small one that...
  10. J

    Layering above graft - Senkaki

    Hi there! I just bought this awesome Japanese maple senkaki (or so the tag reads). It has an awesome shape with good growth on the lower part of the tree. I want to layer the trunk above the graft to produce nebari. And at the same time, removing the not so good looking graft. I've looked at...
  11. M

    graftless vs grafted

    hello experts & all, i'm very new to bonsai, and i'm currently reading and absorbing as much info as humanly possible. one of the big issues I have come across and trying to figure out, is why you wouldn't air-layer nursery stock to get rid of the graft at the base of the trunk. does it weaken...
  12. jazzaero

    My First Japanese Maple

    I am pretty green to the art of bonsai although I have been interested in it for years. This summer I decided to jump right in and get some trees. One of those trees is a japanese maple. I live in Dallas and understand that it may be difficult here with the warm weather. I saw a japanese maple...
  13. D

    1st and only bonsai dead?

    Hey all, I picked up a Japanese Maple last summer and I am afraid that it may be dead as it still has zero leaves on it to date. However, I am not ready to let it go because I can see buds attempting to grow on the branches but never getting far before apparently drying out. Here's what I...
  14. Jordon Bigelow

    Acer Palmatum Koto No Ito (Japanese Maple Harp String)

    Hello, I am new to bonsai but have been reading quite a lot of information about it. I was wondering if anybody knows much about this species. What are the basic care guidelines for this tree? What kind of conditions should it be in? I live in an apartment with a small deck the faces the west. I...
  15. palagaban

    i have been biten by the bonsai bug last year and this is the results

    Treeeeeeessssss!!!!!!! hehehehehe its been a nice day today and the sun has finally came out to play... so me and my little assistent took the chance to water our little trees... hope everybody has a nice day... wifey is preparing some sushi for our dinner.... hehehehehe bonsai and sushi...
  16. aphid

    Big green maple stumps from the Growing Grounds

    I got this one spring of 2014.
  17. ajm55555

    Deshojo JM Care

    This is my absolute favorite species and the first tree I had (and killed :-( ) I read a lot about it but I still haven't understood many things. The most shocking article was Walter Pall's on his world famous tree that got killed probably by Verticillium wilt or another fungus. Does anyone...
  18. jordystokes

    HELP!!!! Emergency

    So I have been gone from my apartment all day. I get back 10mins ago only to find that someone/something has knocked over my Japanese maple. I reported about 3-4 weeks ago. Half of the soil has been knocked out and the roots have shifted significantly. What do I do?!?!?!?
  19. ajm55555

    JM Identification request

    Does anyone have an idea of the name of the cultivar of this Japanese Maple? If it's too early to say, I'll post new pictures when the leaves have unfolded. Thanks!
  20. parhamr

    Progression of Acer palmatum C

    This is another Japanese maple I've started from seedlings collected in 2012. The form will be clump, but maybe I'll find a way to sumo the tree if the base starts to fuse together really well. I'm intending to add a fifth trunk for balance. April 2013 June 2014 October 2015 January...
  21. parhamr

    Progression of Acer palmatum J

    This is another pre-bonsai gathered in 2012. I think I collected 30 that year. This tree can put on 3–6 feet of growth a year, like its siblings. April 2012 April 2014, repotted into individual 1-gallon nursery cans October 2015, it was repotted this year into a 3-gallon can January...
  22. parhamr

    Shishigashira project (air layering)

    I've wanted some fancy maple cultivars, so I trekked down to "Garden World" where premium landscaping trees are sold on consignment by local growers. For $75, I got a 6' tall Shishigashira Japanese Maple in a 6 gallon nursery can. It appears to be grafted about 5" above the soil line, but it's...
  23. CarsonH

    Acer Buergeranum Thoughts & ideas

    Hey Everyone, Its my first week with this tree and needing some help on what should be done this year. Those photos above are the 4 different sides of the tree. The tree is living in a 16x16x5 Andersen flat. This will be my first year with this tree and need some advice on things I...
  24. markyscott

    Kotohime shohin clump

    Here's a cutting grown kotohime clump that needs repotting. Soil mass is solid and roots are growing through the drainage holes. Surface is full of weeds. I'll go through it all, just how I was taught. This is the perfect time to repot Japanese maple. See how the buds are beginning to...
  25. Grant Hamby

    Acer P. Mame Broom?

    A local landscape nursery gave me a couple JM volunteers for free last spring. One has really nice, small, rigid leaves, so it's been growing out since then. I wanted to play with the other so I immediately chopped it to the first shoots and cut the downward roots and put it in a training pot...