japanese maples

  1. O

    Looking to buy JM seedlings ( less than 1 year old) for my collection (Southern California)

    Starting a Japanese maple seedling collection to eventually grow into bonsai. I'd like to purchase brand new seedlings (<1 yr.) preferably: Deshojo/ShinDeshojo kiyohime Arakawa Katsura Shishigashira Seigen Yama-Momiji Im open to other varieties if they make good bonsai, but I try to steer...
  2. memehongkong

    My first Japanese Maple air layer attempt

    Hello All, Cut off my first successful air layer attempt yesterday. I started the air layer on my Tobiosho Japanese Maple around March and cut off the branch yesterday. Putting the plant in a pot with sphagnum moss and will place it in a shady area for the root to grow strong. Then I will...
  3. Clicio

    Maple heaven, maple master

    @William N. Valavanis shows his garden and many of the incredible trees he's been growing for decades. Worth watching it more than once. Thank you Bill, amazing work!
  4. Clicio

    Avoid bleeding Maples at repotting and pruning times.

    According to Peter Adam's book on maples, if correctly done, the feared bleeding in early Spring or late Summer will be minimum on Palmatums and Buergerianums. There is a watering variable when repotting and/or hard pruning the tree that avoids or at least lessens the issue. Excerpt from the...
  5. Jhervi

    Root aphid problem. What has worked for you?

    Hi Yall, With various different products on the market, I wanted to see what yall were using to rid your bonsai of aphids? Did it work? I understand that most people use preventative measures before a problem occurs, but sadly I overlooked this and now a few of my trees have a small root aphid...
  6. StreamGrove

    Watering help in SoCal

    This will be my first time caring for plants during summer here in Los Angeles. We are already getting heat waves in spring hitting 90s. I have my plants in a full sun area under a shade canopy I made that has a white 50% uv cover, and a 80% on the back to blockout afternoon sun. I will be...
  7. Xydan7

    Love Maples

    Hi Everyone, I really love maples but don't often see a lot of groups or shows displaying them. I visit a nursery here in Los Angeles and see dozens of junipers\pines. Where is the love for deciduous trees?
  8. Clicio

    Should I defoliate my stubborn maples?

    Even being winter here, some of my maples are not dropping their leaves. Kotohime and Trident are even showing some new growth. Should I help nature and just defoliate them?
  9. Gsquared

    Defoliation Day

    My maples have lengthened and lignified, so I took the day to defoliate three. I’ve not done it for years, but the growth was so vigorous in their new home, decided this was the year. FIVE GALLONS OF LEAVES! Considering it was only 3 trees, sure seemed like a heck of a lot of leaves. I did...
  10. Clicio

    Is Peter Adams JM book still up to date?

    After reading many posts here endorsing Adams book on Japanese Maples, I will buy the paperback version book for sure. But... There are some purchase options in Amazon concerning the 2006 edition, being sold for U$ 100 plus, while newer editions are being sold for U$ 30. Is the 2006 edition so...
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