japanese maples

  1. Clicio

    Should I defoliate my stubborn maples?

    Even being winter here, some of my maples are not dropping their leaves. Kotohime and Trident are even showing some new growth. Should I help nature and just defoliate them?
  2. Gsquared

    Defoliation Day

    My maples have lengthened and lignified, so I took the day to defoliate three. I’ve not done it for years, but the growth was so vigorous in their new home, decided this was the year. FIVE GALLONS OF LEAVES! Considering it was only 3 trees, sure seemed like a heck of a lot of leaves. I did...
  3. Clicio

    Is Peter Adams JM book still up to date?

    After reading many posts here endorsing Adams book on Japanese Maples, I will buy the paperback version book for sure. But... There are some purchase options in Amazon concerning the 2006 edition, being sold for U$ 100 plus, while newer editions are being sold for U$ 30. Is the 2006 edition so...
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