japanese quince

  1. Carapace

    A little help with my japanese quince and a prunus incisa oshidori?

    Hi, I am getting a a very japanese quince and also a japanese cherry blossom "oshidori" and I have read somewhere that these plants should be repotted in the autumn. I am not really chasing flowers next year, I want them to grow well and get established and also avoid diseases that usually...
  2. U

    Sugestions for this Japanese quince?

    Ive wired them into a semi cascade earlier in the summer. Just feeling a bit reluctant, should I keep going or aim for a different style?
  3. bluone23

    blueone’s 2023 ROR chaenomeles x superba

    Found today at the market a chiped statue I planted the quince on top Var. Fire Dance And everything is all packed and wraped See you next year
  4. szelelaci

    Japanese quince clump

    This is the quince I salvaged two months ago when electricity works removed it from its spot to install new lamp posts. The individual shoots fused together, so it is one big clump. The base is about 6" wide and the tallest trunk is 4". Autumn was quite hot, so it pushed a few shoots. It will...
  5. 20200903_121751.jpg


    Flowering Quince
  6. Clicio

    Japanese quince-Lost my autumn window to repot

    So autumn is past, winter (mild this year we guess) has arrived and... I didn't repot my quince which is sitting in this ugly plastics training pot and... It is blooming right now! So I guess I will have to wait till September (Springtime here) otherwise I will miss it again. Question is...
  7. I

    Quince tree

    I had one of these last year that I bought for my wife, which she killed, and it’s sad because it was a lot better looking. (I think, because this ones leaves look slightly different, look at this) Here’s a beautiful silhouette pic of my stick Now I don’t want a tall skinny thing, but I...
  8. Clicio

    J. Quince needed help - fungal?

    Hi fellows. One of my quinces is losing its leaves, they get yellow with brown spots from night to day. As the others are ok and humidity is low overall, I guess it is a fungal issue. Should I try Daconil? Neem oil?
  9. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Shohin Japanese Quince Project

    Short story, long. I received a pretty nice Japanese quince from @Stickroot over the xmas holiday. Before I go screwing that one up, I thought I'd try to work with a similar, but smaller JQ. So I recently picked up this little guy for about $7.00. I've read/researched that they can take...
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