japanese white pine

  1. H

    New here, question re JWP 'goldilocks'

    Hello all, It's my first time posting here. Having recently moved to New Haven (zone 6b/7a) from Sydney, I'm now in a position to take up the hobby (addiction?) all over again, and this time I've had the opportunity to work with new material that I couldn't grow very well in zone 10b. I...
  2. L

    Lorax7 JWP #4 progression

    Picked up this Japanese White Pine ‘Fukuzumi’ nursery stock this summer. Up-potted it a little when I got it w/ minimal disturbance of the roots. Pruned one branch to avoid creating inverse taper, wired the first branch, and wired a branch that will eventually be the trunk. I’m aiming to...
  3. L

    Lorax7 JWP #3 progression

    Picked up another Japanese white pine today. Who lets me go shopping at the local nursery? I always seem to come home with another tree. Anywho, this one is a ‘Glauca Brevifoil’ cultivar. Picked it because I think the nebari already has a pretty good start and I’m a sucker for JWPs. Going to...
  4. L

    Lorax7 JWP #2 progression

    Picked up a new tree. Starting a progression thread for it. Haven’t done anything to it yet. This one is a Japanese white pine ‘tanima no yuki’ cultivar. It is grafted, but the graft is quite low to the ground. I'm not sure what the rootstock is. Currently, I'm waiting for the weather to warm...
  5. S

    Dying JWP?

    Hello, I live in seattle, region 8b and i have a Japanese white pine which is maybe 2-3 years old. I got this tree maybe a year ago and it seemed to be doing well until January but it's needles started turning brown thereafter. I was kept in an uncovered section of the patio during the winter...
  6. Apex37

    Nursery JWP?

    Debating on getting this guy, but it may be more work than it's worth. $200 ain't cheap, but I don't see nursery pines like this here. Tree is about 18" from soil level with about a 3" nebari. Decent branch structure. Roots I'm sure are a mess, which may lend itself to not being a good choice...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #1 progression

    Andy Smith collected in spring 2020. Bought it through Ken’s World of Bonsai (2021). Haven’t done anything to it yet. Planning to graft foliage in spring 2022:
  8. L

    Lorax7 JWP #1 progression

    Beginning a progression thread for my first JWP. Forgot to take a picture before starting to work on it. It was straight and basically Christmas-tree-shaped when bought from the nursery. After some branch selection, wiring, and first bending: After working on that bend a bit more and...
  9. A

    Japanese White Pine questions on climate and cultivars

    Hi, I am brand new to bonsai so please excuse my ignorance. I'm very interested in getting a young Japanese White Pine to train as a bonsai. I was looking online for some sources since I couldn't find them at local nurseries, (at least not yet). I can only find them on the Coniferkingdom...
  10. mwar15

    JWP grafting

    This is my ongoing quest to graft jwp. I acquired some EWP rootstock from a local nursery that was being discarded as they grafts for the nursery trade didn’t take. I bought a Regenhold JWP. It obviously isn’t good for bonsai in it’s current form. I am barerooting the EWP bands down to the...
  11. thecarlos808

    Japanese white pine color question

    Hi I have a Japanese white pine and had some questions regarding the needle color, I know that non grafted white pines times to be a lighter color but I was hoping to get some opinions on the current color of my pine. Also I have a wound on my tree and was hoping to see what the best approach to...
  12. YodaJordan

    Zuisho JWP Foliage (grafted/ungrafted)

    I have purchased some grafted Zuisho JWP as nursery stock, now I’m just going to increase size and ramification. Although there is 2 questions that stand out in my mind unanswered: 1) What is the difference in terms of foliage on a JWP Zuisho with grafted as opposed to ungrafted? (I’m guessing...
  13. C

    Japanese white pine needles browning and dropping

    Hello all, In one of my Japanese white pines, many of the needles even those that are green are dropping at the slightest touch, and then there are needles in some branches that are all browning but not dropping as easily. Unsure if they are two different issues. I am located in San Francisco...
  14. M

    JWP Styling advice

    Hello guys, I’m have posted a few times regarding my JWP. I got it a month ago and now I’m planning what I would like it to look like. I’m a little lost for ideas if I’m being honest, I have looked online for inspiration but the look is quite different to other JWP I see. i was thinking about...
  15. M

    Yellowing needles JWP

    Hi guys, Could you please help me and tell em if this is normal? The needles seem to be yellow and browning at the top leaving them bottom green. Only minor so far. it is been quite hot here recently and been in the sun all the time.
  16. M

    Japanese White Pine

    Hello guys, I am relatively new to bonsai, I got a Chinese elm about a month ago and have managed to take care of it well. I went to a garden centre yesterday and saw this beautiful JWP that I got not realising how different it was to the elm. I have been researching all night and can not...
  17. BenBSeattle

    1yr video progression on my Japanese White Pine, Nursery Stock

    Here is a nursery stock Japanese white pine that I worked into a bonsai. This is a 1yr progression video. It's not the best material but I'm pretty happy with the results and the it was definitely fun to work on. Being stuck at home I've had more time to work in the yard and make more videos. =)
  18. Gsquared

    New Japanese White Pine

    I scored on club night in Portland. Got this JWP var. hagoromo for a song at the silent auction. It is about 18” from the soil line and about 20-22” wide. Very vigorous. Trunk is about 3” and the roots are in great shape; radiating on all sides. I read a little about the variety and it is...
  19. Peterhatchjin1

    White pine Niwaki from stock

    Hi folks, new to this forum, just wanted all your advice on a white pine I picked up from a friend, was damaged and got it really cheap and originally thought of trunk cutting for a bonsai but now thinking of keeping it large in a Niwaki style with pads, just not sure where to start to be...
  20. DamianTrimboli

    JWP Season change

    Hi! I'm from Buenos Aires and I'm travelling in March to Italy and I'm planning to buy a JWP there and bring it here. It will be winter and almost spring there, and it will be almost fall here.. What should I do to be safe of the season change? I brought staff from Italy before, Itoigawas, JBP...
  21. DamianTrimboli

    JWP - is this normal?

    I'm in Buenos Aires, Southern hemisphere, Summer here - I have wired and styled a JWP 2 months ago (not a hot spring). It was going really well until some days ago, I'm noticing browning of the old needles, and also a bit of browning in some new needles as well. Is this common because is...
  22. Fishtank307

    JWP informal upright styling

    I gave this tree an initial styling a couple of weeks ago. It's a grafted JWP I bought from a bonsai nusery. The curves in the trunk reminded me of 'classical', elegant bonsai and I really wanted to keep that in mind while styling this tree. I had chosen this side as the front because of the...
  23. Josh Barg

    JWP input

    I bought this white pine a month or so ago from Vance Wood at our club show. Since then I've stared and turned and stared some more. I'm having a hard time trying to decide what direction I want to go with the tree. This is also my first pine, so I guess I may be just a bit scared to mess with...
  24. Brian Van Fleet

    Zuisho White Pine

    David, New Thread...Glad your Zuisho is looking good. Mine is growing pretty well this year, candles were about 4"-5" long and are fully open now. A small, second flush is pushing. Somehow, it seems that last year I had less foliage growth, but the trunk about doubled in thickness. This...
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