japanese yew

  1. p_anova

    Japanese Yew Styling Help

    Hey all. Just left the DC Bonsai Festival (cold and windy) and obviously saw the amazing trees on display and felt inspired. Came home and started pondering possible fronts/orientation for my japanese yew. It is still in original soil and growing super healthy! Any and all opinions are...
  2. Japark

    Confusing Watering Instructions: Japanese Yew

    Hello, new to the forum with my first bonsai in 8 years, and my first conifer. Hope ya ll could help as I couldn’t find a related thread. Instructions: - The book I bought said to use a soft wood stick in the soil technique and water when the tip starts to feel dry. - Nursery said just water...
  3. Apex37

    Yew Soil Mix and Repot

    So I made the mistake repotting my yew in a mix I'm not sure was best. Now I don't know if I should repot in a better mix or wait till next year. I put him in a 33% Akadama, 33% Lava, 20% Pine Bark, 10-15%~ Peat Moss. I should not have added any peat moss and now worried it won't allow for...
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