japanese yew

  1. Japark

    Confusing Watering Instructions: Japanese Yew

    Hello, new to the forum with my first bonsai in 8 years, and my first conifer. Hope ya ll could help as I couldn’t find a related thread. Instructions: - The book I bought said to use a soft wood stick in the soil technique and water when the tip starts to feel dry. - Nursery said just water...
  2. Apex37

    Yew Soil Mix and Repot

    So I made the mistake repotting my yew in a mix I'm not sure was best. Now I don't know if I should repot in a better mix or wait till next year. I put him in a 33% Akadama, 33% Lava, 20% Pine Bark, 10-15%~ Peat Moss. I should not have added any peat moss and now worried it won't allow for...
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