jbp pruning

  1. p_anova

    Help Structural Pruning JBP

    Hello All, Just picked up my first JBP "Mikawa" from Meehan's and wanted to get some ideas for the first structural pruning to develop the tree. I believe the correct time of year would be late fall here in Washington DC. There is a whorl at the second branch level, about 4 total that needs...
  2. Dartfrog

    Young JBP with too much foliage?

    Hi guys, I'm glad to join the community. I've got a JBP that I bought from a nursery, they say it's 4 years old but i doubt it as it's not that big, and I'm a little bit confused because all the posts I see about JBP development show material with less foliage, so my doubt is: should I clear the...
  3. BonsaiAndTheBees

    Advice on direction of JBP

    Hello everyone! I am very new to bonsai but have been a voracious consumer of as much bonsai knowledge as possible. The best advice I am trying to follow is "Go get your hands dirty!". So that is what I have been doing. I bought a Japanese Black Pine nursery tree which had been left to grow...
  4. RobertB

    Bud Selection / Pruning on Vigorous Japanese Black Pine 1 yr Seedlings

    I thought I had seen something on this before but i have searched Bonsai tonight up and down and a little research here and cannot find anything on. My concern is if i allow my vigorous 1 year seedlings with multiple whorls of bud to extend is, it could lead to reverse taper in the section of...
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