1. Apex37

    Question on # of Buds for Double-Flush Pines

    I’ve been reading through Julian Adams’ book ‘Growing Pine for Bonsai’. Regarding double-flush pines, he mentions that they should be reduced to only a single bud before candle extension in spring: “Each terminal of the two flush pines should have a single bud at the terminal end, energy...
  2. Apex37

    Are These New Candles Pushing?

    Went out in the garden after working all day and been busy. I noticed my JBP appears to be pushing new candles?? Should I be worried? I repotted it this spring due to a bad needlecast issue and having it in too big of a grow box that stayed too wet. I did no rootwork, basically just slip potted...
  3. N

    Japanese Black Pine Browning/Yellowing Advice

    Hey All! Got a Japanese black pine from the nursery a month ago and planted it into the ground this summer. I planted it on a mound to help with drainage and have been watering ~ 3 days or so. It gets about 5-8h hours of sunlight a day. I got my soil tested and nutrients are plentiful with...
  4. L

    Repotting Japanese pines in summer???

    So, I was watching YouTube and a new BonsaiQ video popped up on my feed. A little over halfway through the video, the guy says that he repots Japanese pines in the middle of summer when it’s hot. Kinda blew my mind to hear that. Has anyone here tried doing that as their regular practice? If so...
  5. PNW Bonsai

    2 year decandle and development for one of my Japanese Black Pine.

    I've compiled 2 of my video's into 1 full video featuring a Japanese Black Pine I've been working on for some time!
  6. David P

    JBP help on deciding what the front of my tree should be.

    I need help deciding on the front for my tree before I cut any more branches. Here some pictures the first 2 are one option and the other 2 are my second option.
  7. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  8. PowerTap

    7 yo sapling JBP

    I've received this tree from a friend who is moving to Hawaii and cannot import JBP. It is 7 years old, grown from seed from an Amazon bonsai kit he's now wife bought him when they were first dating. It's lived indoors all 7 year between an office building and his apartment and I'm honestly...
  9. B

    greetings from the equator

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum since joined this forum in 2019 location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Found this forum by accident on google when I was searching for some information about sowing JBP seeds back in October 2019. Not knowing there’s a 6 years JBP contest, I was 20...
  10. david in LA

    Japanese Black Pine Design Options

    I picked this Japanese Black Pine up around 2 weeks ago. From what I see I have 2 options; 1. Keep it at it's current height and start developing/refining it. 2. Chop it roughly half way to create a shohin sized tree. Just looking for everyone's opinions as I'd be happy with either options, or...
  11. Ev3

    Japanese Black Pine in Zone 10a (South West FL)

    I am relatively new to bonsai, I have quite a collection of purchased, collected, gifted, and cuttings. I have multiple ongoing projects and would somewhat consider myself intermediate at this point. I am hoping I can get a couple of answers on JBP. I currently live in FL (Lee County) (Zone 10A)...
  12. equanox1

    Serious Problem. Cork JPB shoots dying.

    so I have a serious problem and I don’t know what it is or how to fix it. My pines shoots just became white over a period of a day or two and have began dying back. They are really fragile, more than usual, way more so, almost squeezable. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s almost spontaneous and...
  13. Bonsaithusiast

    baby JBP next to the edge of a bottle

    I planted this JBP seed on the edge of the bottle so I could see it grow because my other ones wasn't growing (Didn't bother stratifying) but as you can see in the photo, I realized it was a mistake because its close the the edge of the bottle and its going to have poor growing space. I was...
  14. S

    JBP seedlings

    Spring down here so seedlings are growing. I decided it was time to pot on one batch of JBP today. Just letting others know how I do this in case anyone is interested. Tray of seedlings a couple of weeks old Roots I've learned over many years that cutting roots at this stage produces much...
  15. P

    First time seed sewer- JBP advice?

    Does anyone have any advice for seed starting JBP and Scot's Pine? I've been cutting my teeth with nursery stock and with the nature of this addiction I either need to deepen my pockets or grow my own. I've got 10 acres of forested mountain terrain to grow on with just about any water condition...
  16. MagicMike

    Field growing Japanese black pine

    I have quite a few Japanese black pine growing in the ground in grow bags. I haven't heard anyone discuss the nuances of what to cut, when to cut, or how to cut to encourage the fastest base thickening and keep lower growth healthy. I have heard to not trim or cut back to encourage rapid...
  17. A

    JBP too late to take seedling cuttings?

    Hi, I’ve recently acquired 30 or so JBP seedlings and have been reading up on the seedling cutting technique, my question is are these seedlings too old to cut and secondly, is it too late in the season to take them (it’s early autumn/fall here in the uk which is pretty mild and I don’t have...
  18. trigo

    Field Grown JBP progression, Help needed.

    This JBP was collected here in Brazil on the ending of our winter, 5 weeks ago, i started with slow realease fertilizer the day after collecting it and 1x per week foliar feeding fish and kelp fertilizer. It stayed 3 weeks on partial shade and the last 2 weeks it got full sun. It started to push...
  19. B

    [88 Days] Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine x 2

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, Here are the results of my 2nd attempted at air layering Japanese Black Pine #3 and #4. Location: Bali, Indonesia Date of Air-Layer: 7 May 2022 Date of Removal & Repot: 2 August 2022 Total No. of Days: 88 In my earlier thread here...
  20. B

    [97 Days] 1st Success: Air-Layering Japanese Black Pine

    Hello Bonsai Nutters, I would like to share my experience with air-layering (AL) a Japanese Black Pine (JBP). This specimen is a result of my first successful attempt at air-layering a JBP. Prior to this Air Layer, of all the references found on the Internet, the general accepted timing for...
  21. trigo

    Collected JBP Aftercare - beginner

    So today i just collected a field grown JBP, it was on the field for several years, heavy clay soil, well fed and watered. The rootball came out with a nice size and capilary roots. So my question is about the aftercare, right now it's a bush with lots of foliar mass and buds swelling, some...
  22. B

    Nursery Rescue JBP

    Hey all. I was out buying some border plants and spotted a neglected but vigorous JBP thunbergii for £50. It was developing quite bad whorls and I thought maybe I’ll just make a garden tree. On getting it home, I think it has a nice natural trunk movement and realised perhaps the taper can be...
  23. Y

    JBP seedling

    So I planted these JBP out of season last October. They handled the winter very well staying greenish purple, but now as they wake up from dormancy two of them have turned brown. Not sure what I did wrong as they have all been in the same pot getting watered at the same times. Do these two look...
  24. L

    Lorax7 JBP #2 progression

    purchased 2021, haven’t done anything to it yet: I’ve since repotted it into a mesh bottom tray, but haven’t taken a new photo yet. Also removed the existing rusty steel wire.
  25. L

    Lorax7 JBP #1 progression

    How it was when I got it (2018): Group photo 2020 (right), after having survived a bad case of needlecast and losing some branches:
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