1. mwar15

    First attempt at grafting JBP

    Just a little background. I’ve done lots of grafting for other varieties especially fruit trees. I read up on how to do Black Pine bonsai, and I’ve had it demonstrated to me. I think it might be a little late in the year for grafting but we will see. The first tree is a pine that is a project...
  2. Ayxowpat

    JBP Repotting and Decandling in the Same Year

    Hi all, I have a shohin size JBP and I decandled it last year. It is doing pretty well. I am considering to repot the tree this year. 1- If I repot the tree in Spring, can I decandle it; 2- If not, is it safe to prune the hardened shoots in August? 3- If I decandle it, can I repot it in...
  3. headive24

    JBP trunk chop timing.....conflicting info when researching

    Hey all. I have two JBP that I bought at a local nursery. On the bigger one, I already removed everything above a certain point, because a side "branch" had develeoped into almost a second trunk, with many branches on it. So i chopped the leader, and this side "branch" or branches have...
  4. BonsaiAndTheBees

    Advice on direction of JBP

    Hello everyone! I am very new to bonsai but have been a voracious consumer of as much bonsai knowledge as possible. The best advice I am trying to follow is "Go get your hands dirty!". So that is what I have been doing. I bought a Japanese Black Pine nursery tree which had been left to grow...
  5. jbogard

    Help with ID and should I buy

    I am interested in buying this pine that the owner thinks is a Japanese black pine. The only thing is that he planted some red and white pines at the same time and he’s not entirely sure which ones were which. Do you guys think it’s a black pine and is it worth buying?
  6. kevinlovett86

    Mail order mishap / free tree

    So while I was looking for the right tree to plant in my coconut a couple of weeks ago, I must’ve clicked the wrong buttons because I can’t read Chinese properly. This is what I ordered... And that’s what arrived. It’s small, twisty and has got great potential. Today the security guards told...
  7. kevinlovett86

    Tree suggestions for my “pot” please

    I had this awesome chicken soup that gets cooked in a coconut. After emptying all the nuttiness out I figured it will look interesting if I planted something in it. I’m just not sure what’s gonna work. Of course I need to stabilise it somehow so it doesn’t roll around. What kinda tree can I...
  8. K5ATG

    K5ATG's Six Year JBP Contest

    Well after several days of horrible experiences I was finally able to order my JBP seeds from Treeseeds.com. I started trying to order my seeds on Monday 25 June 2018 and was finally able to place the order on Wednesday 27 June 2018 and they arrived this morning 30 June 2018. Do not get me...
  9. W

    Article A quick look in the rhizosphere of pines V1. Final

    I cut some pine roots off of live plants and put them in Petri's with sources of food for fungi and bacteria. I wanted to visualize what happens after transplanting and how the rhizobial community (root-area community) restores itself in different pines and different stages of growth. The...
  10. Clicio

    Help JBP - Dothistroma needle blight

    After some research, I think this is the disease that is making the low needles of my cascade cork bark JBP fall down. It's been a hot and very humid summer here, and the tree is getting its fair amount of rain showers every day. Other JBP I have nearby seem not affected by the same symptoms...
  11. Clicio

    Cascade Nishiki Matsu - Where to go

    This is a young cork bark JBP that is healthily hanging from its terracota training pot. Doesn't look like a really beautiful cascade right now, any suggestions?
  12. Clicio

    Mame JBP - prune or wire?

    Well, I have this small JBP and the front branch (small, to the right, covering the trunk). What do you think? Should I get rid of it?
  13. Clicio

    JBP trunk chop best timing?

    Well, I have this young JBP I have successfully reppoted early spring, AND decandled two weeks ago (it's summer in Brazil now). It is growing strongly fertilized with BioGold, new shoots everywhere, but.... Its destiny is to be chopped low down the main trunk and letting a strong first branch...
  14. E

    evanjt's Six Year Japanese Black Pine Contest Thread

    I just order my seeds and will be posting my progress to this thread. Let's get it. See you in six years.
  15. syon_r

    Temperatures for growing black pine seeds

    I want to try the Japanese black pine from seed contest. I am going to stratify them in February or March, and plant in April. In Denver in April average low temperatures are around 35 degrees. Should I grow them indoors until May or June when temperature lows are in the 50s and then move...
  16. dirk hoorelbeke

    Dirk Hoorelbeke 6y JBP entry

    Ordered seeds from "Les Semences du Puy" just like in 2015. Order Date: November 20, 2017 3 times 5g for me (+-840 seeds) 2 times 5g for Defra (+-560 seeds). We will meet at Noelanders in februari.
  17. don b

    Don B's Pines 2018

    2018 HERE WE COME!! JBPs from seed coming soon!!
  18. Robert Vaida

    Japanese Black Pine seeds stratification

    Hello everyone I bought last week some Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese black pine) seeds. On the instructions says that I have to do a cold stratification of 2 months and plant them in spring. I assume it is a little bit too early to begin with the stratification now.... so what should I do with the...
  19. sparklemotion

    Bonsai Today Masters' Series Pine Book vs. Volume 20

    I've given up on trying to find a (legal) copy of Bonsai Today Vol. 20. I will save you my internal rant regarding artificial scarcity caused by physical media. In my search, I ran across this book from Stone Lantern. Description: Can anyone confirm that the content of the elusive Bonsai...
  20. parhamr

    parhamr contest entry thread

    Please keep posts in this thread to a minimum so it’s concise and clear. Purchase 1: “2,000 Pinus Thunbergii Seeds (Pinus Thunbergiana, Japanese Black Pine Seeds) 2000 Pinus Thunbergii B28 SAC” from http://www.rarexoticseeds.com/ (2017-11-03) I’ve never purchased from this vendor before...
  21. Clicio

    JBP - Is there any hope?

    Hi, all. Got this young leggy Black Pine from a friend (already wired...) and my hope is chopping the main trunk below the reverse taper and let it grow free to thicken the trunk. Is there any hope for this as a future bonsai, or should I forget about it?
  22. Clicio

    My mame JBP and early very hot spring

    Got this little 18 years old (documented!) as a birthday gift in September. It was grown from seed by a local Japanese bonsai master; after he passed away, two other bonsaists took care of it. So I got it like you see in the picture, in need of shape and by the end of the Winter here. But...
  23. Clicio

    End of winter here - JBP Repotting and nothing else?

    Hello all; As I live in Brazil, here we are approaching the end of winter. My Japanese Black Pine needs new soil, so I will repot it as soon as the buds start to swell, in one or two weeks I guess. But... Besides repotting, it needs some heavy pruning and some wiring; I will leave decandle...
  24. BeebsBonsai

    What Pest is in my JBP Soil?

    Hello all, I was outside checking the moisture in my JBP soil this morning to see if it needed a water and I noticed a strange worm-looking bug in my soil. I believe I was only seeing its tail at the time, but either the tail or the head was above soil level near the root base. It was...
  25. BeebsBonsai

    Juvenile Growth on Japanese Black Pine

    Hello, I purchased a Japanese Black Pine in late February this year. Instead of candles, this Black Pine had produced all pollen sacs. Judging by the shape of the tree, I am guessing these were produced as a last resort attempt at reproduction from the dying tree. I removed all of the pollen...
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