juniper horizontalis

  1. mopifish

    Creeping Juniper - First Bonsai Progression

    HI everyone! I just got my first bonsai today (a creeping juniper from my local nursery), and with some wonderful advice from @pandacular pruned it into a shape. Since this is my first ever Bonsai, I thought it'd be fun to start a progression thread This was the initial Juniper, which I had...
  2. p_anova

    Structural Pruning My "Creepy" Juniper

    Hello All, Autumn is here in DC and I believe that it is a good time to start work on juniper. Picked this juniper horizontalis up late winter last year, threw some wire on it and lifted up all of the drooping branches. I left it alone for this year and I think that it is healthy enough for...
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