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  1. E

    Two trees or one? Blue Rug Juniper, raw nursery stock

    I picked up this cheap blue rug juniper from my local nursery. I am a total beginner, so I have been slowly purchasing material and experimenting. This one caught my untrained eye for two reasons: pliable trunk with movement, and potential for two separate trees. How would you go about...
  2. ForeverRaynning

    Raynn’s Juniper Projects - Procumbens Nana & Pfitzeriana Aurea

    This will be a progression/diary thread for my two Junipers. I bought these off of ebay for what I would say is a decent enoigh price (£9.50/$12.15 each) in P9 pots - if you think its not a good deal, politely keep quiet about it, it’s the best I could do and seemed reasonable to me so I’m happy...
  3. Cria

    Help with initial training of a nursery juniperus squamata!

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Please let me know if my post content/formatting/forum location is wrong for the future! Was immediately attracted to the movement of this juniper when scrounging around the nursery. Got home and did some super basic cleanup to reveal branches and start...
  4. SmallTreeGuy

    New Juniper acquired near throw away pile in back of nursery

    Hello everyone, yesterday I decided to go Nursery crawling and found this near the back beside a pile of dead driftwood and brown crispy foliage. The heartwood is red/pink but the foliage doesn’t look like ERC (red cedar/Juniperus Virginiana.) is there another Juniper that has red heartwood...
  5. Likebull1

    Nursery stock progression Juniper #14

    Picked up this Juniper 03/20/2023 from my local nursery in the unwanted pile for $10.00 There was lots of healthy growth and great movement. I decided to get it fully hydrated and well fed before I worked on it.
  6. O

    Pruning a new Procumbens Nana Juniper in early fall?

    I just brought home a garden juniper from my local garden center. For context, I live in hardiness zone 4b (according to both Canadian and USDA hardiness methods). I've asked in a few different forums and researched my own but I'm getting conflicting answers on whether or not I can prune away...
  7. blainsai

    Back to nursery pot 4 more size. Help

    Wife got me my 2nd tree from the same old lady and her van on a St. corner. It’s a healthy little tree but I want more tree. Can I just use a cheap black plastic pot that all my other gardening plants come in. Like a 1 gallon? Or do I need something fancy like I see on Also...
  8. p_anova

    Structural Pruning My "Creepy" Juniper

    Hello All, Autumn is here in DC and I believe that it is a good time to start work on juniper. Picked this juniper horizontalis up late winter last year, threw some wire on it and lifted up all of the drooping branches. I left it alone for this year and I think that it is healthy enough for...
  9. D

    Need suggestions for this juniper

    I did some preliminary cleaning of this juniper today. I plan to make the branch with the red arrow a sacrificial branch and it’s there right now only to provide more foliage and thicken the base of the trunk. My question is this: How would I approach the area in the yellow circle? I’d like to...
  10. Kodama

    Saybrook Gold Juniper

    So the guy at the nursery was trying to get rid of this castaway Saybrook Gold Juniper for $15 and I couldn't pass it up. I recently pruned just a few branches that will not be needed in efforts to clean it up just a little and get an idea of what to do with it. I also wired a few other branches...
  11. erikscanon

    Procumbens Style Help!

    Hello, all! The name is Erik, I'm new here, and new to bonsai! I've been sinking hours and hours and hours into learning over the past two weeks and am seeking help on literally a "crap" PJN. This was originally 40" x 20" x 20" at the nursery and was only $40. I tried to dig inside to see the...
  12. K

    Pruning new nursery stock

    Hello all, I just bought some new nursery stock the other night. Came home with a Blue Star Juniper, Sabina Juniper and a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. I'll be reading up on these species and figuring out their proper care, but one thing i would like to do is thin them out a bit just so i can get a...
  13. Crizzi Questions

    Blue Star juniper nursery stock styling advice

    I purchased this nursery stock blue star juniper 3 weeks ago. I’ve slip potted into a slightly larger pot adding potting soil mixed with orchid potting mix (mostly bark). I kept it shaded for a week and now have it transitioned into full sun. I’ve cleaned up the trunk some and cleared dead...
  14. ekim046

    Nursery Juniper to Pre-Bonsai for under $30!

    Hey folks! I just purchased this Juniper nursery stock over at the San Gabriel Nursery out in Southern California. I looked around and they did have a large selection of amazing bonsai that ranged from $45.00-$50,000+. Apparently, they had been robbed a few years back of some of their most...
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