juniper nursery stock

  1. K

    Pruning new nursery stock

    Hello all, I just bought some new nursery stock the other night. Came home with a Blue Star Juniper, Sabina Juniper and a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. I'll be reading up on these species and figuring out their proper care, but one thing i would like to do is thin them out a bit just so i can get a...
  2. Crizzi Questions

    Blue Star juniper nursery stock styling advice

    I purchased this nursery stock blue star juniper 3 weeks ago. I’ve slip potted into a slightly larger pot adding potting soil mixed with orchid potting mix (mostly bark). I kept it shaded for a week and now have it transitioned into full sun. I’ve cleaned up the trunk some and cleared dead...
  3. E

    Nursery Juniper to Pre-Bonsai for under $30!

    Hey folks! I just purchased this Juniper nursery stock over at the San Gabriel Nursery out in Southern California. I looked around and they did have a large selection of amazing bonsai that ranged from $45.00-$50,000+. Apparently, they had been robbed a few years back of some of their most...
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