1. Y

    Juniper is starting to dry out and brown.

    Is this too late to save?? I may have gone like a day too long or two without water? I have it in a shady spot in my backyard now and I’ve been misting the area for humidity and watered it this morning.
  2. HMF

    Advice With Juniper Styling

    I recently have been getting into bonsai, and purchased some Juniperus Horizontalis to just practice wiring and stuff with. After feeling like that went okay, I decided to take a risk and order another plant online. I ordered a 'Blauuws' Juniper Chinensis, and was pretty surprised when it...
  3. Z

    Juniper tip issue identification

    I've noticed the tips look damaged on a few junipers. It looks like the growing tip had issues (too little water? too much water? disease?) and was shed. I'm seeing this across multiple species/varieties. For the most part, the rest of the plants look healthy. Anyone have any experience or hints...
  4. TreeCat

    Sick Juniper help

    I don’t know why it’s dying. Is it the heat? I don’t think I’m overwatering. Or under watering. I recently started testing with a gauge beforehand to be careful. It’s kept outside. Gets some direct light and lots of shaded light. It’s over 100 degrees out, but that’s normal for my area. Low...
  5. HandyGringo

    Newbie looking for guidance for this Itoigawa Juniper

    Hello, been lurking the forums for a while and read some good threads but never posted anything. I've seen others receive good ideas and inspiration for their bonsai so I thought I'd post it here and hope there are some obvious things I can change or look into to improve the shape of my tree...
  6. trigo

    Help identifying / yellow juniper?

    Hi guys, im a beginner and have been lurking around here for one year already, now i decided to make a thread to try and get some help. I have recently bought a juniper that i don't know wich variety it is and i would like some help from more experienced eyes. I also have 2 other junipers...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Shimpaku Juniper #4 progression

    Forgot to take a “before” picture. I’ve had this Shimpaku for a year or two but hadn’t previously done anything to it besides repotting and creating a few jin. Started on creating some shari and wired up a few of the branches to get some movement in them while it’s still relatively easy to do...
  8. AnutterBonsai

    Shimpaku first styling from nursery

    Was strolling around my local nursery 5 mins down the road when I found they had a few 1 gallon shimpaku junipers! For $30 I thought quite a steal. Here’s what I came up with. Any feedback helps. Any suggestions on the aftercare from this styling? Also how should I approach repotting next year?
  9. Apex37

    Is this Juniper Tip Blight?

    I’m so ready to give up on junipers. The few I’ve had just have had constant issues. This one has been a struggle since it first arrived. You can look back here at the history of this tree: I think now I’m having an...
  10. B

    3 year Itoigawa progression

    Three year progression on this Itoigawa Juniper whip originally sourced from Shoka Bonsai in the UK. Picture below from 2019 Picture below from yesterday. My wiring could still use a little refinement but overall I’m pretty happy with the progression & how much I’ve learnt in the process...
  11. L

    Lorax7 Shimpaku Juniper #3 progression

    Rooted cuttings started 2 years ago. Spring 2022:
  12. W

    Collecting Juniper Yamadori - First time lessons learned/tips?

    About a week ago, I went on my first Juniper Yamadori collecting trip and brought home two fine specimens which I'm praying to the gods, will survive. This was an extremely fun and memorable experience for me, but I feel no amount of reading would have probably fully prepared me for what I was...
  13. Fishtank307

    Yamadori needle juniper

    I want to start sharing the progression of this large yamadori Tosho. I got it last year (for free!), from someone who bought it about 7 years, styled it, but then quit the hobby all together. She wanted this tree to be in good hands, rather than letting it die in her garden. When I got it, the...
  14. Y

    Juniper Needles turning black

    I’ve just noticed today that something is going on with my juniper. It looks black in some spots? Not even brown it looks blackened and dead. What could cause this??
  15. Jessekoepke

    First time bonsai - old gold juniper

    Hi everyone, first time poster here and I’m trying my hand at bonsai for the first time. I’ve killed two trees already before even getting them in the pot 🤦‍♂️ I was overly cautious and didn’t dive in before it was too late. This last weekend I got a cheap old gold Juniper and got to it. If...
  16. Y

    Juniper First Wire

    This is my first wiring attemp for this procumben! Let me know what you guys think. Always open to pointers. Wasn’t too sure how to wrap the wire at the end without trapping needles and baby branches so I just went very loose at the end.
  17. Koenye

    Will this beauty survive !?

    Hi all, This weekend, again I had the chance to dig out this amazing tree. Unfortunately while lifting the tree out of the ground, a lot of The roots just fell off. I made it wet and placed it in a big training pot with akadama, some vulcastrat and moss. for now it just has to rest for at...
  18. BonjourBonsai

    Crossing Juniper

    Main trunk is beautifully curved but there's a crotch branch that goes the other way. Also there's the knob. I'm thinking I'll jin the knob and crotch branch. I'll upload some better photos this weekend. I just repotted it so I'm not doing anything this season except feeding and planning...
  19. IMG_20220306_171456109.jpg


    This still has a long way to go but I'm really pleased with it despite obvious beginner mistakes.
  20. TwilightTrees

    Airlayering Juniper, Thuja, Cypress

    I want to experiment with airlayering a Thuja officinalis and some different Junipers, but I have no experience in that. I only had few airlayering results with deciduous trees. Anyone with advice on following questions: 1) Best time of the year for juniper airlayering? How long time is the...
  21. TurtleSquisher

    Hi friends!

    I wanted to introduce myself! I recently got into this ancient hobby back in December and I wanted to start getting into the community since I've basically dedicated 10% of my lifetime to these little guys. I would also love any sort of tips on an improvement, within reason of course. So far...
  22. M

    Help with decision about removal of a branch

    I picked a rather old and gnarled Juniper Chinesis at a nursery which was in bad health at the time. I have left it alone these past few months but I have noticed that it is about to get inverse taper due to the Y shaped branches coming off the trunk. The inverse taper is not visible as it is...
  23. Graeshadowe

    Chinensis Backfire:

    I have a chinensis that I tried to slip pot to expose the nebari last spring. Well, instead of exposing the nebari, it seems the roots go much higher than normal. How can I get rid of these finer roots that go so high up? I plan to repot in a couple of months, and not quite sure how I should...
  24. jaycraig

    roots in soil

    so i purchased this young juniper last week and decided to repot it in a larger 1 gallon pot so the roots can have more room space to grow without restriction. while doing this i scraped some healthy reused soil from the ground( 2-3 cm deep) and it had small feeder roots in it from hydrangea...
  25. El Triminator

    My 2nd Juniper - Looking for Some Inputs on Styling :]

    Hey everybody, Very new to this hobby, but am not stranger to cacti and houseplants. Found this at a SoCal big box store and grabbed it since they're not really all over. I made my first simple bonsai with a small nana and it looks very cliché, so already looking for more. Got some wire today...
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