juniperus monosperma

  1. Big Country Bonsai

    First time collecting oneseed juniper

    I went out scouting for Ashe juniper earlier this week and to my surprise I ran across a stand of oneseed junipers! This is in Taylor county, Texas. East of where I though their range extended. The foliage and bark was different and every berry I examined only has one seed. Give me your opinion...
  2. Hartinez

    Large one seed juniper progression

    Collected this one seed juniper (Juniperus Monosperma) in early spring 2017. Great root ball at collection, and was able to reduce the original soil amount pretty significantly from the get go. Planted in pumice and composted bark. Watered and fed all last year and this growing season...
  3. Hartinez

    Yamadori "Juniperus Monosperma" progression (critique/ideas)

    I collected this one seed juniper about 4 years ago now. It was my first legit native juniper collection, and i was able to keep it alive. Ive collected quite a few since, with some failure but mostly success. Im about 7/8 years in to Bonsai and at this point this is my best tree. With that...
  4. Hartinez

    One Seed Juniper (juniperus monosperma) Styling

    I collected this One Seed Juniper outside Santa Fe, NM Last spring. Pushed quite a bit of growth (juvenile) all last summer and has begun to extend with mature growth at the tips this season. Ive been practicing for about 7 years now and have quite a few trees I'm quite proud of, though...
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