1. Ming dynasty

    Seigen, arakawa, Deshojo Katsura

    Hi y’all I recently got into Bonsai world and dove in head first. I’m looking for someone with exp to guide me on the next few steps to get these tree towards the right direction. i repotted the seigen and arakawa (in wooded box) over a month ago before realizing that’s not the right thing to...
  2. L

    Lorax7 Katsura #1 progression

    Air layer started in spring 2021 and harvested in the fall:
  3. Clorgan

    Quick help for (hopefully) saved Katsura please :)

    JM katsura from Morisons (supermarket) - looking very sorry for itself! But worth trying to save for £4.50. Guessing repot is wise because of the roots being wrapped (burlap if that's what you call it?) I have eracenous soil, akadama and a kaizen bonsai mix on hand. Not able to go out to get...
  4. ThornBc

    Hollow Cercidiphyllum stump

    This Cercidiphyllum japonicum stump spent several years in a corner of the back yard in the garden centre where I work, and for the last 3 I've been watching it rot, hoping it would gain character. The owner told me I can have it, and to show him what I can do with it, so I started some work on...
  5. Forrestford

    Katsura tree

    Hello all, I wanted to share and document my Katsura tree. First purchased back in February 2019 at an old nursery. Junk stock I wanted to play with, got it for $10 and chopped on sight. I chopped a bit high to some low growth, I wasn’t sure if it would back bud on mature wood. Turns out it...
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