1. N

    Slice branch on long axis to make Kengai/Han-Kengai?

    Good day and thank you very much for taking time to review my question. I am very new to the hobby (yet to get my first tree/plant) and have a question about cutting a limb/branch for the purpose of shaping it. My late grandmother has a Japanese Maple on her property that is over 12' tall and...
  2. Clicio

    JRP Cascade Styling - T bar branches have to go?

    Hello all. My Red Pine is healthy and growing well under the first warm days of Autumn (it was horrible for almost 4 months of summer; 100ºF and above every day). Trouble is, I need some ideas. I got it one year ago as a present from a good friend, that had grown it from seedling, so it was his...
  3. Clicio

    Cascade Nishiki Matsu - Where to go

    This is a young cork bark JBP that is healthily hanging from its terracota training pot. Doesn't look like a really beautiful cascade right now, any suggestions?
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