1. M

    Kashima? Kiyohime? What did I buy?

    Hello all, I picked up this japanese maple, and curiously it has two tags that say different things. The blue tag says Kashima yatsubusa, and the white tag says yatsubusa kiyohime. Can anyone help ID by the pictures?
  2. D

    Murisaki Kiyohime Bonsai

    I’m new to Bonsai and I got a Murisaki Kyohime. I know I need to prune it and shape it, but frankly, I look at it and don’t even know which branches I should prune, I’m going nutz here. Any help will be highly appreciated 🙏
  3. Clorgan

    JM Kiyohime

    Separate thread for this one. Sorry I've posted it already, but within another thread. So, new to me Kiyohime. Planning how to get round the blooming awkward roots, and branches. Had some ideas from @AlainK already - either a big chop job or air layer to make a multi trunk. I had a little...
  4. K

    Multi-trunk Japanese Maple 'Little Princess'

    Hey everyone!👋 I thought I would make a poll to determine the best possible front/style for this Acer Palmatum 'Little Princess' I got for 60€ from a local nursery! Since I'm very new to bonsai, I'm not entirely sure if it's the best bonsai material, but the nebari seemed promising and the...
  5. CamdenJim

    What has attacked my Kiyohime!!??

    I got this tree in April or May, when it was fully in leaf, so I didn't want to repot it then. We've had a wet summer so far, but I've been careful to avoid over-watering. I think. Within the last ten days, leaves have started turning real sick looking overnight. Seriously! I thought it must be...
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