koto hime

  1. tpdietz

    Newbie with a Koto Hime - How does this one look?

    Hi all! First post! I am new to these forums and the hobby of Bonsai. I have recently acquired (what I believe to be) a koto hime Japanese maple. I don't have a clue how old it is, if its healthy, or really how to care for it...and I suppose that's why I am here. I have done quite a bit of...
  2. Apex37

    Repot Suggestions For Young JM

    Got a couple JM's the other day I'm thinking about repotting. The 2gal is 'Koto Hime' I'm trying to decide to Ebihara into a 12"x15"x3" pot or putting him into a pond basket. I love how small the foliage is and the natural flare they begin to start with at such a young age. I was thinking of...
  3. markyscott

    Kotohime shohin clump

    Here's a cutting grown kotohime clump that needs repotting. Soil mass is solid and roots are growing through the drainage holes. Surface is full of weeds. I'll go through it all, just how I was taught. This is the perfect time to repot Japanese maple. See how the buds are beginning to...
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