1. skjohnson37

    Kotobuki has yellow tips...

    I noticed this morning that my kotobuki pine is yellowing on the tips and in the new bud. Is this over watering? Too much sun? Or have I hurt it some other way?
  2. skjohnson37

    Kotobuki style/info help

    I've recently received a Kotobuki pine with what looks like a heinous grafting scar right in the middle of a V-shaped trunk. I've got a ton of interior branches to work with, but no idea what to do with them. The tree seems in good spirits, but given that I let my JBP get away from me, I want...
  3. aml1014

    Pinus thunbergiana 'kotobuki'

    Ordered this little kotobuki last week and got it in yesterday. I'm pretty excited as Ive never seen this variety before. Its in a 4 inch pot and is about 8inches tall with a half inch Trunk so it needs to thicken up a bit. Tiny needles!I plan on repotting this tree in the spring into a...
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