1. Bonsai Noodles

    Is this rookie mistake going to cost me an Arakawa/Koto Hime?

    Hey, all! I humbly come to thee seeking advice on how to salvage this situation I've single-handedly put myself in. After catching the Arakawa-itch, I bought some nursery stock from Bill V the Great. He also had his "trademark" Koto Hime, so I couldn't resist. But I miscalculated since the two...
  2. Kanorin

    Young Goshiki Kotohime

    Picked up this seedling this spring and it's been growing super well. A few weeks ago I put it in the ground with about 1/2" - 1" of soil on top of a large flat rock in the hopes that it'll help make nicer surface roots) in a spot with some afternoon shade. I'm thinking this would make a nice...
  3. markyscott

    Kotohime shohin clump

    Here's a cutting grown kotohime clump that needs repotting. Soil mass is solid and roots are growing through the drainage holes. Surface is full of weeds. I'll go through it all, just how I was taught. This is the perfect time to repot Japanese maple. See how the buds are beginning to...
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