1. Carapace

    When should I heavily bend larch?

    Hello, I have 2 larch saplings that are about the size of pencil, maybe 1.5 pencils. From what I know I should wire them in the autumn so that they can still heal a little bit before winter. I plan on really bending these puppies, I want to make them really gnarly and I was wondering if I should...
  2. R

    Top 5 Conifers That Aren’t Junipers

    Every list I see of beginner species includes types of juniper, and although they are great, I’m curious as to what people think of other conifers. In your opinion, what are the top 5 easiest conifer species that aren’t junipers?
  3. S

    Is My European Larch Dying? Please Help!

    Over the past week I have noticed the tips of the needs on my European Larch have started to yellow and fall off. It gets full sun and is watered as suggested. It has been thriving and growing well until very recently. This yellowing is throughout 90% of the tree. I don't see any evidence of...
  4. MattE

    2023 Yamadori Larch

    Here are some beautiful larch I collected. My first time really doing yamadori. Some collected pictures and then wired pictures. And a picture of what I hope to achieve with the one. Thanks for looking
  5. deineath

    Japanese Larch second styling

    As the buds are swelling, I'm thinking to do some work on this young larch to give a better start this season. I failed to bend the lower part of the trunk initially (might give it a try again). I like the size/height and hope to keep it that way as it grows/thickens up. There's still plenty...
  6. hampton

    American Larch # (and #3?)

    This is the second American larch in my collection. It is two years out of collection and ready to be styled or repotted in the Spring The two trees could be re positioned or separated into two pots. I'm sure there I'll get a better understanding of the branch structure once the needles have...
  7. hampton

    American Larch #1

    Over the past few months I've picked up a handful of American larch yamadori, it's been quite enjoyable having them on the bench. Japanese larch trees are what initially piqued my interest in bonsai. To that end I know the pictured tree is a year out of collection and it was recommended to let...
  8. ochong

    Larch spur extension to a branch?

    So i understand that tamarack (larix laricina) doesn't backbud and I think i have a pretty good grasp on general new growth management and budding, but what I'm interesting in are the "spurs" as i've seen them called and their ability to extend to create new branching. Given that the end of...
  9. S

    Looking for J'inspiration

    Hey nuts! I have recently gotten my hands on my new favorite tree, a larch yamadori! Said tree is early in development, and there is one feature on the back that I am entirely unsure how to attack. I've created jins before, but never with a stump of this magnitude. Just wondering if you guys...
  10. K

    American Larch #1

    Hey, Just documenting my first American larch (Tamarack) progression. Bought from the flower market in Michigan in November of 2021. Replanted from a pond basket this spring into a pot from a small potter out of Virginia. Attached photos are pre-trim and pre-repot. Goals for the tree: Get...
  11. CapeCodBonsai1

    Yamadori Hunts In New England?

    Hello everyone, new to bonsai nut forum. I am wondering if anybody in the New England area are planning Yamadori hunts this spring. Preferably with permission from land owners. Hoping to find my first Larch. I would love to join you or your group!
  12. D

    Larch not breaking buds

    Hi there! I am located in Manitoba so larch are really hardy here. I have a larch that I aquired last summer. It is about five inches tall and in training root over rock. It was fine when winter hit and stored in a bonsai shelter under snow. All my other larch bonsai are growing like mad and...
  13. LunaticTree

    Work done so far?

    I bought those Pinus Cembra a while back now, and so far they have been doing great in the Pot they are in. They just got fertilized and their Candles got Pruned to 2/3 of their size, to get the needles the deisred size eventualy. The smaller and more Dense in foliage one, is a Swizz dwarf...
  14. Sir_Nixon

    Japanese larch repotting question

    I have a Japanese larch that has opened its buds earlier than my other trees over the past few weeks. Is it too late to repot? Just waiting on a delivery to repot this into a bigger grow box. Thanks for your advice
  15. Rivka

    I'm the New Caretaker for an Old Larch Grove, looking for insight.

    Today I became the 3rd caretaker for an old larch grove that is apparently 60+ years old. It has been owned by two members of my local Bonsai Society, the last of which for 20 years. I would love to learn all I can about larches, I have always loved them as landscape trees, as well as anything...
  16. B

    Larch styling help

    So during lockdown I have rediscovered my hobbie for bonsai. I had a ficus for around a year and managed to kill it. They say you need to kill your first bonsai tree to really get the bonsai passion. Anyway, I collected this Larch tree from a local seller more recently, I’ve chopped him down to...
  17. K

    Larch progression pics 2013–2020

    Hi Guys, First time poster - long time bonsai (hacker) enthusiast. I spotted this larch in 2013 and collected it in 2014 and would like to share the progression of this tree with all of you. August 2013. Tree in ground at friends cottage in Apsley Ontario. I reduced the height & cut the...
  18. Crimsontide1970

    Larch seedlings

    I recently purchased 100 Japanese larch seedlings. I want to develop the trunks for group plantings and for newbies that want a bonsai. I was planning to plant them in 4” pots using a modified Boon mix for a couple of years then plant over a tile and using the escape method to gain girth. This...
  19. Colton.Evans

    Western Larch

    I am fairly new to the art of bonsai and was seeking advice as to when to do everything with this Western Larch which was given to me. When should I prune it, should I transplant it into a bonsai pot right now or wait for spring, when should I wire it, what soil mix should I use for it, any...
  20. Fabledabel

    Larch bud dieback.

    Hello all! I bought some field grown larch earlier this season and I'm having some issues. Theyve been slow to open thanks to our weather and late summer here in Toronto. Now that they are showing some vigor, I am seeing some buds give out. I've had 3 or 4 buds turn a brown/yellow and die...
  21. E


    I lurk a lot but have never posted and just wanted to share a couple of shots of a tree that I cant get enough of. Hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do.
  22. Sn0W

    A Couple of Japanese Larch

    I little while back I picked up 2 Japanese Larch from a guy over in Wales who had pot grown them from seed over many years. One had a nice trunk line and one doesn't. I'm planning to start working at least one of them this weekend if I get time around work, I was wondering what direction you...
  23. Fishtank307

    I've always wanted a larch

    So today I bought nine... Group planting of Japanese larches! Plan is to plant them on a slab next spring. Little pinecones! This is going to look lovely in Fall!
  24. Danielm

    Possibly possible

    Hi all Saw this little larch up for grabs and loved the trunk thickness and can imagine the main leader fitting nicely after a bit of work making the transition from the main trunk smoother. As a enthusiastic newbie I don’t know if this will heal or even if it’s possible. Any help much...
  25. O

    Can You Trunk Chop a Larch (Larix Laricina)

    Can anyone tell me if you can trunk chop a larch below the first branch? and if so when? Thanks Chris
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