lavender star

  1. greenfarmer

    New to bonsai- Grewia and Azalea

    Hello I’m new(ish) to bonsai. I had a cypress when I was a kid and It didn’t go too well. I’m older and much wiser now and have just been gifted an azalea and a grewia(lavender star flower). The azalea looks hella healthy but the grewia has some yellowing on the leaves and some dried out...
  2. P

    Lavender star flowers

    Recently bought this lavender star a couple months ago and so far so good. It was starting to bud up alot more than when I first got it so I thought I was taking care of it well. But when the buds started flowering they only flower 1 at a time and by the time the next one flowers it will close...
  3. Dane Kofoed

    Lavender Star dropped leaves

    This starter Lavender Star tree was purchased from a bonsai nursery in late October in Toronto Canada. Brought it home, watered moderately (weekly or slightly more), misted a little in between, placed near a window with NO direct sunlight. The leaves slowly dried up entirely. It has been placed...
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