leaves falling off

  1. J

    Satsuki Azalea Help

    Hi All, I live in Phoenix AZ, and recently received a Satsuki Azalea. The leaves are turning black/brittle at the ends and I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations. For the past three months, I would keep outside on my patio during the AM and into the late afternoon, I only have a...
  2. D

    ficus leaves yellowing + falling off

    I got a ginseng ficus a little over a month ago, and ever since I got it's been losing leaves. fast. a few every day. the leaves yellow and then fall off. They don't curl up and are even mostly green when they fall off. They do not go limp either. I know they lose leaves easily from condition...
  3. Z

    Help with Fukien Tea Tree

    Hi Everyone! I got my first bonsai tree a few weeks ago, and I'm having some issues. It's a 20 year old Fukien tea tree. A few days after I got it home, some leaves started falling off, and it's only got worse with time. I was instructed by the person who sold it to me to put the pot in a bath...
  4. R

    Ficus leaves turning brown

    Hi! I am pretty new to ficus bonsai (and to plants in general). It's leaves started turning brown, drying and falling off. The first pic is from 30 sept, the second one from 3rd oct and the last one from today (so you can see the evolution). I water it once a week until the soil is hydrated and...
  5. M

    Flame tree losing leaves due to strong winds

    I need help with my flame tree, it started losing leaves due to strong winds and it lost about 20 leaves. I moved it to a safer area but it’s still losing leaves and some are curling please help.
  6. J

    Advice for maple, leaves shrivelling/curling during fall.

    I currently live in hong kong, the weather has been getting significantly cooler by the day and windy. I notice my maple has its leaves turned red recently but some of them after turning had either shrivelled or started to curl on the tips. I havent but the tree in harsh direct sunlight. I do...
  7. W

    Carmona Tree - leaves falling rapidly

    Hello, I need your help, Bonsai experts!! I got this beautiful tree - my first and only bonsai - a little under a year ago, and keep it indoors in my home in Ontario, CA. For many months, it was healthy and full of leaves! Unfortunately, the leaves have suddenly started dropping, quite...
  8. T

    Chinese Elm concerns

    Hello all. Short time lurker, first time poster. Was gifted a Chinese Elm for my birthday last September and somehow managed to get it through winter. Chuffed with myself I decided to repot at the start of this month as the old soil was regular compost. Repotting seemed to go well, nothing...
  9. J

    Just got a Parrots beak does everything look all right?

    I got this tree about two weeks ago from our local garden center I just wanted to make sure everything looked all right the tree almost looks dead but leafs are starting to show but no current budding currently watering every other day and keeping relative humidity around 50% at 65 to 68° just...
  10. J

    Got a parrots beak. Looking for recommendations!

    Just got this parrots beak last night wanted to get some recommendations on watering misting and overall condition of the tree wanted to see what some thoughts were of the condition of the tree and recommendations in order to keep it healthy. Sort of new to banzai I wanted to make sure I was...
  11. E

    Can Someone Help My Dying Ficus

    Hello, My Ficus bonsai tree (not sure what exact species) has been on the downward spiral since 5 months ago, when I gave it quite a significant prune. I began to notice it loosing more leaves than usual and no new growth developing, usually the prune would bring on lots of new growth, even at...
  12. Tbwilson33

    Campeche logwood help

    I bought one of these trees probably about a month ago. Drove it home and it started to drop it’s leaves after the first week.... didn’t start to panic at that moment because my bonsai room was very different from the location I bought it from. A brand new flush of leaves just came and...
  13. F

    Ginseng ficus w/ falling yellow leaves - fungus / pests?

    Hi folks- I recently got my first bonsai as a gift from my gf, a ginseng ficus. After I first got it & repositioned it about a month ago, about 25% of the leaves turned yellow and fell off which I understand to be somewhat normal after relocating a tree. However, it's still continuing to lose...
  14. L

    Chinese Elm. Leaves yellowing. Repotting in Summer?

    Hello! I'm very new to all of this; I received my Chinese Elm as a gift at the start of April, and since then the bonsai has been looking just fine.... until a few weeks ago. Some of the leaves began yellowing, and others have turned black/dark brown around the edges, before falling off...
  15. ninibonsai

    NEED HELP: Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hi there! I am completely new to the bonsai world, and DESPERATELY need immediate help. I was recently gifted an "8 year old satsuki azalea bonsai" that shipped from Connecticut. I live in Seattle where the weather is currently in the 60's, cool with some sunlight. I have my bonsai outside on...
  16. CamdenJim

    What has attacked my Kiyohime!!??

    I got this tree in April or May, when it was fully in leaf, so I didn't want to repot it then. We've had a wet summer so far, but I've been careful to avoid over-watering. I think. Within the last ten days, leaves have started turning real sick looking overnight. Seriously! I thought it must be...
  17. Smilefreak24

    Chinese Banyan Dropping Leaves/Yellowing

    I just recently purchased these Chinese Banyan from a bonsai garden nearby. Unfortunately, since I've brought it home, its leaves have slowly begun yellowing. To my understanding, these plants do not like to be moved and prefer humid areas. My room is fairly dry and its fall in my area. I'm not...
  18. S

    Fukien tea tree - leaves turning brown / white substance on leaves

    Hi, Any suggestions on the below would be much appreciated. My wife and I received an 8 year old fukien tea tree as a wedding present in September last year. For the first few months it was doing ok, but in January we noticed small white things which, after some investigation, we found to be...
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