1. J

    Satsuki Azalea Help

    Hi All, I live in Phoenix AZ, and recently received a Satsuki Azalea. The leaves are turning black/brittle at the ends and I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations. For the past three months, I would keep outside on my patio during the AM and into the late afternoon, I only have a...
  2. stupid

    BRT leaves bouncing back.

    Hello Bonsai Enthusiasts, Over the span of 5 days, I started to notice that the foliage of my BRT bounced right back out of nowhere, and I am frankly surprised, since I thought it was absolutely done for. I do have a couple questions about this, though.... 1. Are these leaves adapted to the...
  3. S

    Portulacaria Afra check in (help!)

    Hello my fellow enthusiasts, I posted about this tree a little while ago and could use some advice. I repotted my little portulacaria afra on June 18th (totally dry, as per Adam’s advice), into my homemade mix of lava, pumice, turface, coconut husk and some granite. I then waited a full 10...
  4. M

    STUMPED about branch placement.

    Hi all. I’m stumped about how to choose which branches to keep on this chinese elm tree (and really any tree in general). How do you choose which branches to keep vs cut off? How do I choose a 1st vs 2nd vs back branch and so on?? I’ve read that there are some guidelines to follow with...
  5. proninyaroslav

    Deformation and white spots on the Chinese elm spring leaves

    Hi everyone. I noticed that the spring young leaves of the Chinese elm became deformed, this can be clearly seen in the photo. He wintered in a shelter, is constantly outdoors, and this is the first time I have encountered this. I fertilize 18:18:18, grow it in an inorganic substrate like all my...
  6. CrisisQuaid

    Very Few Leaves

    Hey there! A few months ago I got myself nice little Chinese Elm. As a rookie I made the mistake of assuming the soil it came in would be sufficient. The soil eventually became quite hard and the tree lost most of its leaves. I repotted it in a better pot, and some Akadma bonsai soil. Now it’s...
  7. M

    Chinese Elm vs Drake Elm?

    Hello all, I live in central Florida and throughout my years living here, I’ve noticed an abundance of Chinese elm trees in landscapes and in the wild. The trees have the orange flaky iconic bark that Chinese elms possess and the small leathery elm leaves. The trees max out at about 30 feet...
  8. M

    Acer Rubrum Fertilizing/Potting Mix??

    Does anyone have any advice on fertilizing a red maple/swamp maple yamadori bonsai? Like what type of fertilizer to use and how often to use it? Brand names are very helpful. The tree is most likely 25-30 years old. Also what soil mixture would you guys recommend? I’m seeing various...
  9. M

    New Forest-dug Acer Rubrum/Red Maple/Swamp Maple

    Check out this beautiful Red Maple I just dug from the swamp. Stunning nebari and a leader branch already set in for me. Can’t wait to see where this goes! Trunk is about 6 inches wide at the base. Tips on styling are always welcome. Especially regarding those big cuts!
  10. R

    Pomegranate leaves have black spots? (Help with identification)

    I’ve had a quick look online and it’s suggested to be a fungal issue but it’s not too clear to me. Is anyone able to identify what this is?
  11. S

    Japanese Stewartia

    Hey Bonsai friends, I'm a bonsai owner and when I first got it as a gift it began to grow leaves really nicely. I have been watering it regularly to make sure the soil is moist and have kept it in the same place (quite a bright room with lots of natural light). However in the last two weeks the...
  12. D

    Should I remove the dead leaves from my hornbeam?

    I inherited this hornbeam last year. I'd like to keep it going as long as possible, but I've absolutely no bonsai experience. The leaves turned orange over autumn and I half expected them to fall, but they didn't. Now its early spring and the leaves are still here! I can also see some small buds...
  13. Clicio

    What the heck is happening to my Zelkova? Gone crazy?

    I got this seedling from @leatherback as I couldn't find nice Zelkovas around São Paulo. So he was kind enough to provide me some whips with roots wrapped in wet newspaper and.. They all took. This winter this one had no leaves at all and was like 15cm tall, and 3 months later it is almost 1...
  14. O

    Dying Seedlings - Please Help

    Hi. This (pine?) seedling has been growing since late April but recently the tips have started to turn brown. This is also the case with the smaller (birch?) seedling whose leaves are also turning brown after sprouting a few weeks ago. Please can someone identify the seedlings and let me know...
  15. Bezalel Nebari

    BRT Air Layer Leaves Not Opening

    I started this air layer on my BRT about a month ago. First I hard chopped everything below it, which caused the top part that I am layering to explode in new growth. After about 2 weeks, the leaves above the layering point closed and never opened again, and there hasn't been any new growth up...
  16. cozmicat

    Is my Chinese elm healthy?

    Hey all, I hope you’re well. After a few long months things have opened back up. I traveled to my local bonsai shop. I purchased a Chinese elm. I have questions about its leaves. Can any of you diagnose what is wrong with the leaves. A little background, the bonsai shop has been closed for 2...
  17. M

    Air layer leaves drying out

    Hi, new member here. I'm posting because I have a Chinese elm air layer with leaves that have suddenly started drying out. It was air layered in mid April and has been growing strongly since then. Today I noticed the new shoots and leaves had started to dry out. I took a peek at the cut site...
  18. Andrew R.

    Chinese Elm changing leaves

    Hello- I am wondering if this Chinese Elm is just losing its leaves because it is fall here in Chicago and has been a bit chilly recently, though the tree has been indoors. Or, is there something seriously wrong with it? The yellowing started a few days ago, maybe a week. The tree has always...
  19. B

    Bonsai Dying.. Help!

    She is a pink pixie bonsai tree that is only 2 years old. She has not blossomed yet, but has been very healthy and full until last week. She has always been an indoor tree, but sits near windows. We moved at the end of July and she took to the move well. I prune her about every month. About 2...
  20. S

    Shimpaku Juniper Leaves

    Hi everyone, I received a Shimpaku Juniper 1 month ago. The leaves of the tree are losing their needle-like form and are starting to open up. Should i be concerned? Please advise.
  21. C

    Defoliating Japanese Maple

    From the posts I’ve read on here I’m a little confused and there seem to be conflicting thoughts on whether or not defoliating helps to thicken a trunk faster. What I currently have is an Acer Palmatum still in he nursery pot. I bought it this year and wanted to wait (at least) until next...
  22. G

    Out of my element...Trident Maple

    So my brother-in-law gave me this bonsai because he claimed it was too far gone to fix. I KNOW it isn't but I also know that I don't know how to fix it. I figured this was the best place to ask since I have absolutely zero experience in this stuff. Three questions for the experts: 1. Is it a...
  23. jazzaero

    Boxwood issues

    A couple months back I wanted to experiment after taking a local bonsai class. The teacher really stressed planting into inorganic substrate. I went and bought a boxwood and some shale to give it a shot. I chopped the plant up, without knowing what I was doing, and replanted into the shale and...
  24. ConorDash

    Acer P leaves

    Hey look, I made another leaf thread about my maple! Bloody thing... Apparently it is just never happy! Anyways, what do people think of this.. Leaves seemed more hardened off now, not as pale. It's being fertilised with miracle grow liquid fert, with some seaweed extract, once a week. It...
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