1. S

    Looking for grow light stand

    I’ve been experimenting with various grow light set ups. But one issue I am having is it’s making my living room look like a laboratory and my fiancé does not love that. Has anyone figured out how to set up LED grow lights in a way that is clean / aesthetically pleasing? I have been googling for...
  2. J

    New Bonsai Tree - Trying to verify if I am giving it what it needs

    For Christmas, my mother gifted me a bonsai tree. I do not have a lot of windows in my apartment so growing lights are a must. I got these 18W LED flexible growing lights and both strips are focused on the tree for 12 hours of the day. My tree is next to a window and does receive some light but...
  3. Tbwilson33

    lighting... LED?

    Hello this is my first post, I recently got hooked on this hobby. I’m looking for good light recommendations. If you could flood me with links, info and personal experiences I’d love to hear it. LED seems like the route I wanna go but not sold on them just yet. I’m looking for quality and with...
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