1. B

    Serissa Indoors with grow lights?

    First Bonsai here! Just wanted to know the feasibility of growing specifically a serissa indoors? I got this plant blind and didn’t realise how finicky it is, so right now I’m trying to master keeping it happy and healthy that before going into bonsai techniques. I’ve seen recommendations for...
  2. Apex37

    Cheap Affordable Indoor Light Recommendations

    Currently setting up my indoor grow area for my tropicals I'll be bringing inside in the subsequent weeks. I'll have them set up on industrial shelving that'll be 77"x 24". I would love any recommendations for cheap hanging lights I can install underneath the shelving for my plants that you...
  3. T

    First indoor setup! tips and tricks wanted!

    bit the bullet and got my indoor setup running- temps are already hitting 35°-40°f at night up here. 2'x4'x6-1/2" shelving unit. i wanted to line the trays with lava rock but that plan fell through, maybe next year. ended up using 3/8" "egg crate" light diffusers to add some depth for a...
  4. Rodrigo

    Indoor lighting for winter - Brazilian Rain Tree

    Hello! I recently got my first Brazilian Rain Tree and temperatures outside are beginning to get cold enough for me to have to bring it inside for winter. However, do to the placement of my apartment, I do not have a window that receives sun, so I will have to settle for indoor lighting. I have...
  5. MountainExplorer

    Artificial light hours indoors

    Hello all, I got a nice little.greenhouse with my tropicals in there and I initially had them on 8 hours a day but I recently read that someone had them on 13 hours a day in veg. I got 2' 2 T5's on 8 hours should I bump them up while in the winter months? Thanks, Tim
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