1. Backwardsvg

    Help with a farmadori tree

    Hello I have what I believe is a sugar maple. I collected it from my cousins farm field. It looks as if it was hit by lighting (I know it wasn’t looks more like wind or something cracked the top off) I collected it last spring and it has this new growth. It is a larger tree about 3.5 feet tall...
  2. Atom#28

    My other DAS ist gut (dwarf Alberta spruce #2)

    I have this thing in my brain that never allows me to buy just one. So I got two! Here’s the other dwarf Alberta Spruce I have been working on. First bought in winter of 2019/2020. Here’s my progress up to today, with a lot of inspiration from Mr Pall’s work, via recent advice from @BobbyLane...
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