limber pine

  1. shohin_branches

    shohin_branches' limber pine bunjin

    June 24th 2022 Todd Schlafer Workshop MABA 202two Limber pine had been collected three years earlier and put into solid pumice. How it started Partway through the workshop. I normally work with smaller material so wiring this was interesting. At the end. Wasn't fully happy with it but...
  2. J

    Limber Pine 3-4 Year-Old Needles Removal

    I bought and repotted this Limber Pine in Spring. When would be the best time to pluck/remove the browning 3-4 year old needles on single flush pines? Some needles just fall off with little effort and some I have to pull a little bit for it to come off. Would it be fine to remove the needles now...
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