lime sulphur

  1. Apex37

    Using Lime Sulfur as Dormant Spray on Broadleaf Evergreens

    Anyone know if it is safe to use diluted lime sulfur as a dormancy spray on broadleaf evergreens? I know they’re safe to use on conifers and deciduous trees after leaf fall, just wasn’t sure if it can be used for my boxwoods, hollies, and pyracanthas.
  2. M

    HUGE Ficus retusa, with tons of trunk rot.

    Hello, I am new here. I just bought this huuuuge ficus retusa from a nursery. The tree was kept in a greenhouse to its own means. Very neglected, tons of rotten wood at the bottom. Keeping the tree alive, there's a few aerial roots with long shoots coming out at the ends, it really makes the...
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