1. cockroach

    Roach's Junies

    I currently only have three shohin sized Juniper chinensis. I may get more in the future if I spot something nice at the right size and price. Here is my shohin literati. I got it in 2014 and grew it to make sure it was healthy. In 2015 I wired the whole tree like this. After it had grown like...
  2. cockroach

    Roach's Fici

    Thought I would start a thread I will periodically update. Not regularly. Sporadically. I have a few ficus that now have pots or will be getting soon. Some that I need help choosing a direction on and some that are just starting out. The first one is my Literati cascade. I like this one. It...
  3. aframe

    Rosemary progression - old, slender and twisted

    The May 2017 - finally heathy and vigorous. I pruned for structure and pulled down some branches. I'm glad to see other bnuts posting up their Rosemary's
  4. Brian Van Fleet

    Literati Tosho

    I bought this needle juniper (Juniperus rigida) from Owen last December; as my annual "big tree buy". It was collected in Japan years ago and imported to the US at some point. I don't like working with trees that bite back, but I like Tosho. This rare find had a dynamic trunk, and nice ribbon...
  5. cockroach

    Shohin Literati Juniper Chinensis

    I started out with three very, very similar junipers in one container hanging down in three different directions. They all basically looked like this about 2-3 three years ago. Just all straight with no movement. After deciding how to make them all look different. And facing the fact that the...
  6. San Jose Juniper

    San Jose Juniper

    My San Jose Difficult to be exact with how this one will turn out Either the bottom lot of foliage will be jinned leaving a very small amount up top or i will develop whats there and see how it goes.
  7. Potential Lodgepole Pine Literati

    Potential Lodgepole Pine Literati

    Collected in 2005 - Muchalet Inlet - Vancouver Island. In training pot since 2007. Estimated age 25-30 yrs.