live oak

  1. K

    I Collected an Interior Live Oak...

    Hi, I've been the arboricultural world for a few years now and I am studying to take my ISA certification. I figured I probably should try to keep a tree or two alive before doing so. So I bought a juniper, an azalea, and dug up this little live oak. When I collected the live oak it was buried...
  2. D

    8-9 feet live oak yamadori, need styling thoughts and inputs.

    Hello Everyone. Live from Zone 8a (Dallas, TX) Someone wanted to get rid of live oak on Craigslist so I dug it up from their yard. It is about 8-9 feet tall from root stock to tip. I loved the trunk and how mature it appears. Pre yamadori condition- I felt the tree wasn't thriving very well...
  3. Big Country Bonsai

    Escarpment live oak #2 (Quercus fusiformis)

    I’ve read that oaks tend to shoot it long tap roots with very few lateral roots near the base. Luckily for me the Buckley oaks, Blackjack oaks and the two live oaks I have collected have had quite a bit of feeder roots. This one has lots of potential. It’ll take years to get it into a bonsai...
  4. Big Country Bonsai

    My first collected Quercus fusiformis (escarpment live oak)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to document my first attempt at collecting escarpment live oak. Collection site is southwest of Abilene Texas. The tree was growing in old growth oak and juniper forest. Quercus buckleyi is the predominant oak but there are a few live oak in the area. I think it shows nice...
  5. Big Country Bonsai

    Newly acquired Souther or Texas live oak

    So I took a trip down to the Austin area this weekend and came across what I consider a nice oak prebonsai. Given the fact that it’s been in a pot a few years after collection and was showing good growth I decided to give it a go because I’ve been on the hunt for a nice live oak to work on. It’s...
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    Live oak from the top
  7. IMG_20190223_163205.jpg


    From my yard as seedling. 2 years in small pot. Repotted into bigger pot and some movement added.
  8. M

    Live oak bonsai

    During fall-winter 2016 I collected roughly 100-150 live oak acorns from a friends property located a short drive from the sierra national forest. I have been unable to determine the exact species of oak but so far the closest match is the Coast Live oak. Leaves have sharp pointed tips and the...
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