loblolly pine

  1. Aaron S.

    Loblolly Pine by Aaron S.

    The Loblolly Pine (Pinus Taeda) that I started for the 5-year challenge did not make it the five years before it died. 😭 I'm still gonna keep some loblollys in the collection though. They remind me of the endless hot humid summers of S.E. Oklahoma of my youth. Here is the best loblolly pine that...
  2. Aaron S.

    2021 Five Year Native Tree Challenge Aaron S. Loblolly Pine

    Species: Loblolly Pine: Pinus Taeda Height: 98-115 feet (30-35 meters) Habitat: The native range of loblolly pine extends through 14 States from southern New Jersey south to central Florida and west to eastern Texas. It includes the Atlantic Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the southern...
  3. Aaron S.

    Repotting Pines

    I have a loblolly pine that I would like to repot. When is the best time to do that?
  4. Aaron S.

    Loblolly Pine Pinus taeda

    I have been told that there is not much information out there for using loblolly pine as bonsai trees. So this is my effort to expand the knowledge base for these trees. So here I will showcase my many mistakes in growing one of these trees as a bonsai. The Loblolly Tree is the fastest...
  5. Aaron S.

    Pine training

    I'm growing some Loblolly Pines and starting today Japaneses Black Pines. Is there a certain age that is ideal to start wiring and training? I think I read somewhere that 4 years is about right. I know I have some time to go yet as my oldest pine tree is almost 4 months old.
  6. Aaron S.

    Loblolly Pine

    Hello everyone, new to the forums here but so far it looks like the place to be. I'm really just getting started in bonsai. I have always been interested but I have never really jumped in as I was busy gardening and landscaping. Then I developed a pretty nasty health issue and I was forced to...
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