1. Y

    Too late to repot?

    I had planned to repot this about a week ago but life had other ideas. Its a field-grown magnolia that was dug up and put in this container probably 6 years ago. Most of the original root mass was left intact in the original field soil with a course bonsai mix underneath and around all edges...
  2. PowerTap

    Twin Trunk or Informal Upright?

    I've had this Star Magnolia for a little over a year and I was initially drawn to its twin trunks. My plan was to eventually shorten the left trunk and make the right more dominant. But this morning I looked out the window at it and was struck by the idea of converting it instead to a single...
  3. IMG_20221205_154540_392.jpg


    First year of progress on the silhouette of this magnolia stellata. Pleased with progress but a long way to go.
  4. PXL_20220830_233747023.jpg


    My Magnolia decided to throw me some fall flowers. ❤️
  5. R0b

    Magnolia liliiflora

    Also purchased this year when the buds were amazingly purple. The flowers are great but the tree was more beautiful just before they opened due to the contrast between the purple and the bark. It was a fresh important from Japan And the best of tree at the nursery. The other had larger unhealed...
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