1. LeoMame

    Prunus Mahaleb - what to do

    Hello Bonsai amigos, I've been gifted this Prunus Mahaleb, and even though I feel strangely attracted to it I'm completely blocked on what to do with it... I can't decide a front, I can't decide on branch selection and I don't have much vision for its future. I suppose this is all about...
  2. proninyaroslav

    What is the best season for bending cherry and crabapple trunk?

    Hello everyone. I have some mahaleb cherry and crabapple seedlings and want to give their trunks a dramatic shape while they are still flexible. What is the best season to do it: in spring or early fall? I live in a fairly cold climate, the temperature in greenhouse can drop to -5C. Heavy bends...
  3. Cosmos

    Thierry Font's bonsai workshops - translated best of

    Thierry Font was a French bonsai pro who lived in the Montpellier region in southern France. His background was fine arts. He studied in Japan and was friends with Takeo Kawabe, Kyuzo Murata and several prominent European bonsai people. His two favourite species were juniperus phoenicia and...
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