malpigia glabra

  1. gscorsin

    Malpighia glabra (Barbados cherry tree or acerola) - leaves curling up and falling off

    Hey, people! :-) That's my first thread in this forum - and, actually, in 'gardening' forums at all -, so I already apologize for any mistakes in this post. By the way, I'm Giovanni, 20yo, from Três Lagoas, Brazil. Well, around two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went to the flower/gardening...
  2. milehigh_7

    Cause The Nut Asked for pics

    @Bonsai Nut You asked for pics... So I got a couple of new toys to play with. I am very interested in the Lycium genus (goji berries) It seems there are several that are native to the Southwest US I have had Andersonii and it's awesome so I had the chance to snag up Fremontii and I did so. There...
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