maple bonsai problem

  1. Wizeeerrrddd

    Does my field maple have root rot?

    Hey so I've been experimenting with this field maple for a little while and in the past week or so i've noticed these black marks on the tips of most of the leaves. What would you recommend I do and what do you think is causing it. I potted it up in a large container with standard soil for...
  2. M

    New to Bonsai, new tree

    Hello all! I've done a little research on Bonsai and recently went to a nursery and picked up a maple for $20. The lady who sold it to me just said it was a maple, I think we had a language barrier. I cut it down a bit but was looking for some advice on next steps for this tree. Should I...
  3. R

    Bonsai Maple tree main and most of the trunks turned black (anyone could help please)

    Hi guys, Hope you all well. I have given 30 years old maple bonsai tree, 3 weeks ago. And already have blackened trunks but not as bad as this. 3 weeks ago still have new small trunks and small leaves to start growing. Last week i have repotting the tree, cutting a lot of roots, with hope i...
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