maple bonsai problem

  1. cozmicat

    Normal or not?

    Hey Friends, I have another question, I’ve noticed some drooping foliage on my large maple, I checked the soil and was extremely dry, it has been a weird winter in Seattle, spring temps have come early and left. So the watering has been inconsistent. Can you guys look at the image of the cut...
  2. Wizeeerrrddd

    Does my field maple have root rot?

    Hey so I've been experimenting with this field maple for a little while and in the past week or so i've noticed these black marks on the tips of most of the leaves. What would you recommend I do and what do you think is causing it. I potted it up in a large container with standard soil for...
  3. M

    New to Bonsai, new tree

    Hello all! I've done a little research on Bonsai and recently went to a nursery and picked up a maple for $20. The lady who sold it to me just said it was a maple, I think we had a language barrier. I cut it down a bit but was looking for some advice on next steps for this tree. Should I...
  4. R

    Bonsai Maple tree main and most of the trunks turned black (anyone could help please)

    Hi guys, Hope you all well. I have given 30 years old maple bonsai tree, 3 weeks ago. And already have blackened trunks but not as bad as this. 3 weeks ago still have new small trunks and small leaves to start growing. Last week i have repotting the tree, cutting a lot of roots, with hope i...
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