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  1. raffaelbaer

    Further development of JM

    Hey Everybody, I've got this maple: It's an Orange Dream, I want to grow out to a large tree somewhat like this: My three main questions where: How do I get a trunk this size, without letting the tree have to grow 3-4 meters tall (like japanese maples that stand in gardens), can I...
  2. velocifasor

    First steps after getting a tree from a nursery?

    Hey there. I would like to start a Maple Bonsai project but I'm not sure how to start. I found a nice nursery that sells grafted Acer Palmatum cultivars, and I've been watching a lot of Peter Chan's videos. The thing is, once you are working with a tree of a certain size/shape prunning seems...
  3. raffaelbaer

    Further development of my Japanese Maple

    Hi everyone, I had a question about a project of mine that I want to continue on the way to becoming a bonsai, it's about an Acer Palmatum. A quick note: I'm going to Airlayer off the top over the graft this spring to first get rid of this problem, next year (after Airlayering) it will be put...
  4. Sixty’s

    Katsura from garden material build.

    Thought was time to make my first tree post to keep track of the development of my field collected Katsura. This is how the tree looked like in autumn colours I’ve collected this tree in late winter of 2023 around January. Chopped the unwanted branches to end up with some nice moment in...
  5. T

    Where to buy pre-bonsai online in Europe?

    What are the best stores to buy pre-bonsai from? I'd love all species, but specifically Japanese maple. I can't seem to find any at my local nurseries and many I see online can be hundreds of euro. So what are the main stores to buy from? What are the best quality? What is the cheapest...
  6. Carapace

    Hi guys, when can I trunk chop a 2m silver maple?

    Hi, I have a 2m tall silver maple and it has a fairly thick base, I want to chop it low but I'm not sure when I should do it. Winter?
  7. Ininaatigoons

    Goshiki Kotohime

    MrMaple has Goshiki Kotohime cuttings in gallon cans! Along with the biggest selection of grafted Bonsai selections and selections of maples I have seen! Any suggestions on which to start with?
  8. X

    Winter care Maple

    Hi bonsai friends! I started this year with bonsai and I have yet to conqueror a winter with my trees so I would like some advice. As it should say in my profile I'm from Sweden living in Zone 5a, so pretty rough winters here. I have a few indoor trees like some ficus benjamina and a Chinese...
  9. KayakKevin

    We're gonna need a bigger pot

    I found a lovely Coral Bark Japanese Maple today and purchased it with the intention of doing a trunk chop. It does not appear to be a grafted tree. It is about 6ft tall. My current plan is to do a trunk chop in maybe late January then let sit for another year until a repot the following...
  10. E

    Have I overwatered my maple sprout?

    I'm very, very, new to the art of bonsai, and have very little experience and knowledge. I had two pine sprouts last year, and they were doing well until I went abroad and my mother didn't water them. This year, I've germinated a maple, and it was growing find but now looks quite sad, and the...
  11. F

    Japanese maple (shirasawanum golden full moon maple) - pre-bonsai

    Hello! I bought this Japanese maple 2 days ago, and I need your help in taking some first decisions. I want this tree to develop a thick trunk, which means the tree needs a bigger pot. Should I wait until next year to move it into a different pot? Also, the soil seems to be just compost, and I...
  12. J

    Why is the maple being injected to see the fluid flow?

    Hi Bonsai Family, While doing work on some of my maples I was watching youtube and a video played and showed the bonsai artist injecting the maple with fluid and watching see where the fluid was coming out from. My question, what is the reason for this? And why before he repotting it? Here is...
  13. Y

    Maple Beginner Tree

    Hello all, I was recently gifted this Maple from a friend who collected it from his property. It appeared to be dying and it was brought back to health in a pot. The top part looks to be dead wood with new growth towards the bottom. I would love to know when is the best time and place to chop...
  14. B

    Unknown Maple Trunk Chop Timing

    Disclaimer: I haven't even been in bonsai for 2 years, at least one of my claims will probably need to be corrected. Please tell me when I get something wrong. I don't want to go longer than I have to, believing in something false. This thread is an all-in-one kinda deal, I want to know what...
  15. tpdietz

    Newbie with a Koto Hime - How does this one look?

    Hi all! First post! I am new to these forums and the hobby of Bonsai. I have recently acquired (what I believe to be) a koto hime Japanese maple. I don't have a clue how old it is, if its healthy, or really how to care for it...and I suppose that's why I am here. I have done quite a bit of...
  16. A

    Acer Japonicum ‘Taki no gawa’

    I’m still deciding on a front for this beautiful thing, but I enjoy full moon maples the most, and it’s going to end up being a larger sided bonsai, so I’m loving it’s big full leaves and felt like sharing as it progresses. This is my second ever tree. The first picture is me deciding that...
  17. D

    Red maple white spots on leaves 🍁🍁🍁

    This morning I noticed white spots on couple of leaves on my red maple, I didn't notice them yesterday when I watered. Is this something I need to be worried/treated before it gets worse. Placement: Outdoor patio Sunlight: Full sunlight from morning to noon.
  18. Apex37

    I Call This One....

    A miracle if it survives. 🤣 Seriously I haven't seen such bad roots before. I have no idea why this was in a 3 gal container. Most of the root mass was attached to what appeared to be a tap or main root that shot out at a weird angle straight down. The other half of the roots had VERY few...
  19. D

    Newbie, Japanese red maple repot 🍁

    This is my first maple repot from nursery pot to bonsai pot with pruning on top and bottom. Any suggestions or recommendations of care after repotting? Couple of them I learned and following, 1. Do not over water 2. Do not add fertilizer at least for a month 3. Avoid direct sunlight for at...
  20. LeoMame

    Curious pattern on palmatum's bark

    Hello bonsai people, I wondered what this curious pattern on my maple's bark could be. There are patches, here and there, and they're most visible when the trunk is wet. Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. G

    Opinions on styling new cork bark maple

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I have purchased a cork bark maple and I’m looking to hear peoples opinions on styling it as the more options to visualise/choose from the better Attached are the pics I have from the seller and I will take more Sunday when I pick it up paying £120 Trunk is...
  22. Stweed

    Why do my maple leaves look waxy?

    The leaves on both of my maples have a waxy look to them. Any thoughts on what this is or why it’s occurred? Thanks for the help!
  23. J

    Advice for maple, leaves shrivelling/curling during fall.

    I currently live in hong kong, the weather has been getting significantly cooler by the day and windy. I notice my maple has its leaves turned red recently but some of them after turning had either shrivelled or started to curl on the tips. I havent but the tree in harsh direct sunlight. I do...
  24. LunaticTree

    "Katsura" Maple and Larix

    Hello there! I am still relatively new to Bonsai, but I do know the basics by now. As for myself I am a Landscapegardener so it is nothing of a challenge to me to take care of special Flowers/Trees. I own quite a variety of Citrus plants and European Orchids, they are known to be quite...
  25. S

    Trident Maple

    Looking to buy a trident maple pre-bonsai. Hoping to find a natural-looking trunk with character. Budget up to $250-300.
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